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  1. http://www.team-gizka.org/downloads.html *It's the fourth downlaod* Just look for the "Fuel for Telos quest fix" With this, you will be able to finish the Telos Fuel quest properly.
  2. I like Disciple much better then Atton. Disciple is interesting. I really like his insight, too. I don't mind his teeth. I really didn't notice until a few people pointed it out. Atton is my second favorite though. They both have there ups and downs. :D
  3. Okay, here is my problem. Strength: 16 Dexr: 14 Charisma: 8 Wisdom: 8 Intel: 15 Con: 14 However, in my last game my Guardian had an Intel of 15 *I think* and when I went to my "Skills" everything was highlighted in gold, so when I did Repair and Computer, I didn't have to use 2 points just to get some skill into those areas. Also, I didn't have to use feats, either. I just remember the exact stats I had to get it that way. *I had to re-install TSL* and I didn't write down my player's stats. I hope you understood that. :D Thanks
  4. Okay, I need some help. During my last game, I was a Jedi Guardian and had stats that allowed me to have Computer skills and Repair skills without using feats. However, I have forgotten the stats and I need help.... Thanks. :D
  5. Okay, I'm going to try the "Donwn 'n' Dirty" way. Though, their are many files with Bao amd Mira clips. Which file to I put the individual .wavs in? Thanks!
  6. Okay, I'm still having trouble with the sound (Still likes to FF). I did as you said T7. Perhaps I have to start a brand new game? Any help would be great! :D
  7. I've done that, and it still doesn't work. *Wonders if she needs to restart her computer competely* This is the first time I've had this "Glich".
  8. Shoots herself. I love the USM mod, though the only "Glich" is that when I talk to my party members, they Fast Forward really fast and can't tell what they are saying and they have no voice either. If someone could help me out, that'd be great!
  9. Okay, I don't think there are any oher mod's that you need to know about. I'll go ahead and delete everything concerning the Bao armor. If I think of something, I'll let you know... Once again, Thanks. :D
  10. *Hugs ChAiNz.2da* Thanks for helping me out and yes, I am interested in your "proposal". That's fine, I don't mind waiting. :D I can't thank you enough for helping me!
  11. This site is full of screenies. Though not all of them are Wallpapers, there are a few in there.... http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/ Here is a one that I really like, http://crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/albums/userpics/10041/jedi.jpg (Wallpaper © to Vall Konnar)
  12. Okay, I re-downloaded the whole thing again and put it on my desktop. I doubled clicked on the folder, clicked the install button and told it to downlaod into the Kotor2 file. It downloads, but it doesn't ask me about the baseitems.2da. It just continues on and once again, it says the same messege. Here is the whole, "install process." (I also, removed all files from the previous download as well.) Patch operation started..... Modifying file "baseitems.2da found in override folder... Modifing 2DA file basitems.2da... Finished updating 2DA file c:\program flies\lucasarts\Kotor2\overrid
  13. What I do, after I download Bao's Armor, (I save it into the Override folder) I double click the folder called, "Bao-Dur's Charged Armor, click on the installer and this is what I tell it. C Hardive>Program Files>Lucas Art's>Kotor2 and then that's all I do. Am I downloading it wrong? EDIT: Gah! I went to re-downlaod it, to make sure I did everything right before I posted this. When I read the installer, it says this, "A file named "Bao_armor.uti" already exsist in the "override" folder! Skipping over file." The only thing is, when I searched through the Override folder and use
  14. Carth, he's my favorite for Kotor. I almost take him everywhere with me and as soon as I find out Dustil is on the evil sith planent, I stop what I"m doing and go save Dustil, then go back to my normal life. As for Kotor2, I'd have to say Disciple, I just really like him. Then Atton, as my second coice. :D
  15. Okay, I tired to do what you said ChAiNz.2da, about fixing Bao's armour, however, it didn't work. I believe I deleated everything, then reinstaled USM_Released. Did what the readme said, THEN downloaded Bao's armour, downlaoded it, and it still doesn't work. What am I doing wrong!? Thanks for the help! :D
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