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Cut Content- The Wishlist

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Lets say LucasArts gave the okay (hopefully they will) for a content patch. What do you guys think/hope will be included? Will they include EVERY single thing they cut? Like Atris as Traya? And Master Lonna Vash?


I'll be very happy if they just include the following:

-Master Lonna Vash- the force bond wouldn't make sense without her at the end.

-HK Factory- incomplete without it. And with it, they will be able to complete the GOTO vs Remote

-Attons death- I'm a sucker for a tragedy.

-Expanded Malachor V with the entire party- need explanation for where everyone else is.

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Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. I trust everyone at Obsidian has their number two pencils out and has been taking notes.


Eh, I guess there's no harm in putting up a wish list. Can't see how a content patch is going to happen though. The Xbox folks will have kittens since they can't patch, and who's going to pay for a couple of months' development time? LucasArts doesn't really have an incentive -- why should they care if TSL is a classic or not? And Obsidian is a new company with shallow pockets.


I fear this will all go the way of Troika, with an incomplete game, a publisher who only marginally cares, and a good RPG maker getting a bad rep. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more the Troika analogy seems apt.


I'd love to be wrong about everything I just said, though.

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I suppose my dream would actually be an expansion pack, one that adds a ton of stuff. Not just things like the filled out endings and the HK-Factory quest, but also the Droid Planet, being chased by the Genohadrin(sp?), swoop bike upgrades, etc, as well as tons of new content as well.


For a content patch, I'd be happy if they just fillled out the endings some. Though the HK-Factory quest would be nice as well, and it seems like a lot of that is already done, so it wouldn't be a huge thing to add. I would obviously love any other content as well, but expecting things like the Droid Planet being added back in is probably a bit unrealistic to expect in a free content patch. Though I would pledge my firstborn to Obsidian if they did manage all that stuff in a content patch, as well as offer Lucasarts my eternal thanks for authorizing/funding that.

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- HK-factory

- Remote vs G0-T0

- Fleshed-out Korriban

- Fleshed-out Malachor V + party interaction

- Fleshed-out Academy + party interaction

- Kreia and council member dialogues reworked for better inner logic (also in the frame of party interaction)


Nothing more to say ;)

Most important for me is the cut ending on Malachor and the HK-Factory though.


*crosses fingers and hopes it will be released one day* :)

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The holocron stuff, including Disciples bits with it. They keep on talking about them, and you get this whole dialogue with him about it and how if you ever find any he'll look at them etc and it goes nowhere.


The Goto/Remote bit, as well.


I'll skip Atton's death - absolutely great scene for a novel or maybe a movie, no argument there, and maybe that's why so many wish it was included, because it sounds great in the mind, but I think in the game, with the limited treatment it would probably recieve, it would have just pissed me off/seemed cheap somehow.

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- HK-47/GO-TO/Remote ending

- Disciple/Atton and Visas/Handmaiden battles at the end

- Atton's death

- The party attacking


, it would make Mira's role in the end more sense.

- The fate of Bao-Dur.


Good Extras:


- HK factory level

- Genoharden hunting you


Impossible wishthinking:


- M4-78, the droid planet.

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I would love to see:


- Atris as Darth Traya, rather then Kreia

- Party-members cutscenes from Malachor V

- HK Factory quest

- Cutscenes after your "death" on Jedi Enclave

- GenoHarden quest

- Master Vash on Korriban

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Why o why is the dustil part considered bad?...


I think it would be great to find the nutter in the cave at korribian, tho it would be a low item on my wish list.

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The most important for me is to get something coherent in the End. It means explaining why all party members disappear on Malachor V or add them and solve the Mira and Remote/G0T0 issues which are just totally irrelevant in the current state of the game. This should not be so difficult to make this and the End would be far more coherent. Yes, it would mean cut more things, but I don't care if it's make the End more coherent. Of course, I'll be glad to have more stuff on some characters such as HK47 and have a more complete Ending as is was meant to be. But the coherence of the whole game scenario is most important.

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For starters I'd love to see DS Atton kicking Disciple's ass. :)




- Atton's Death

- Droid Factory

- Party attacking Darth Traya

- Handmaiden vs Visas

- Other cut Malachor "stuff"



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Why o why is the dustil part considered bad?...


I think it would be great to find the nutter in the cave at korribian, tho it would be a low item on my wish list.



It ruins the character and any chance of more story for both he and Carth. I don't believe it's wise to create characters only for them to go to waste. Dustil has a lot of potential, and going nuts on Korriban doesn't show that potential.


Out of all the cut content, that's the only one I see that is seriously flawed.

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Let's see:

- Visas and Mandalore's conversation on the Ravager

- The HK factory (though possibly edited a bit to hint at the droid planet possibly being in KOTOR3?)

- HK-47 confronting G0T0 on Malachor

- The party member related events on Malachor V (confronting Traya, the possible rescues/encounters)

- Genoharadan references/explosion on Nar Shadaa/Sion and Nihilus' conversation

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