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The Bao-Dur Poll

What do you think of Bao-Dur after playing the game?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Bao-Dur after playing the game?

    • I like the Tech Specialist class
    • Can his voice possibly get any softer?
    • Relatively pointless beyond his skills
    • He's so horny.... *rimshot*
    • I want to have his alien-human baby!
    • Why did I ever train him as a Jedi........
    • I still don't get the thing with mass shadow generator.....
    • Bao-dur? Please, his Remote is ten times as sexy......
    • Oh yeah, that guy I never used past Telos........
    • Weakling!

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After Telos Bao-dur was one of my favourite characters. I really enjoy'ed his voice, I don't know what pepole want from it... It emanates with calmness, I like it. When I got Visas, Mira and others, I was rather taking Kreia with Atton, or Mandalore with Visas, 'cause Bao-dur wasn't so good at fighting, especially, when I was going through Go-To's ship only with Mira and him (I didn't have the medpacks so I had to wait after every battle for my health to regenerate :D ), it was terrible. In spite of all I really liked this guy, I'll play with him more often when I play again, on the dark side (but I am waiting for a patch... and waiting... and waiting... Hope that day will ever come :thumbsup: ).

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OK, who are the 12 people who wants an Iridonian baby?  :wub:


I'm sure they'll change their minds when giving labour to a child with horns...


You have never heard of a C-section? I think I cuold handle that for a apiece of that Iridonian Stud-muffin! :p


He makes a great Jedi... his skills truly rock and, even without robes (although that was annoying... grrrrr <_< ), he does well in a fight. Just give him some extra dex points and his defense goes way up and he can just hang out in his tight black t-shirt. :-

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(Sigh) Bao-Dur...


He's an awesome Jedi .. I just sit back and watch him and Atton mow them down. He can repair just about everything. But what I love most about him is his soft-spoken loyalty, the fact that I know he would willingly go to the end of the galaxy for Exile, or die if need be. This is a guy who can do great things on his own, like building something to save a planet or destroy one ... and I can't imagine him anywhere else but standing by Exile's side saying, 'Yes, General?' And no way can I see him dead or left behind, sorry.


His last speech to remote almost made me cry, because you could tell he felt so bad for codemning the little computer to death.



i never got that part -______-'' so Bao-Dur died in the end?


w/e...i don't get the shadow generator thing -_____-

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Err...Bao-Dur didnt die o_o...At least now from what I took from it. It was a pre-programmed message that was probably set to play when the remote got to malachor.


Bao-Dur is smexy...nuff said.


Double bladed saber, boost his strength and con, give him a dex implant and heavy armor..focus on force powers he can use with armor..bam.. force leaping death!!

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would have loved more poll options but since i had to choose i picked tech specialist because his effectiveness in general was to small compared to others he was by far the best for item construction but his combat effectiveness was very limited in my opion.


As character in personality i thought he was very good and very well made which was part of the things i enjoyed very much about him, if he had not been so well developed in character i would have had no other thoughts but where i could get rid of him the fastest.


Thought they tried to make a cross class between warrior and rogue which in my opion dident work to well.


As original class his limited amount of feat points made melee combat a useless option for him, and strengh is quite a weakness in blaster style since its less defense and medium armor is also very limiting to his defense.


As jedi its get even worse he is limited to weak jedi powers because he can only use light armour +, which cut you short of most of the best force powers, plus he gets gaurdian instead of sentinel which means his tech abilities get far lower quality.


Would have preferred they had left jedi robes open to him and made him dex based rather than strengh and allowed sentinel rather than gaurdian.


Second i see no reason why he is barred forward robes, afterall did darth maul not wear robes?

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The inability to wear robes probably has more to do with his arm than his race...


I was also a little confused by the whole strength based character...especially since Zabrak items(Which is his race, Iridonia was the planet he was born on) seem to focus more on dexterity than strength...

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