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  1. When it comes to the movies... I started playing KotOR II again tomorrow, I'm actually on Peragus and from the movies I saw (I've watched also some of the movies I had unlocked during my previous game-finising) I can say the movies are at higher quality. Some of you complain you don't see any difference... You know what I think? What resolution are you playing on? I'm using 1024x768 and the movies look good now. Maybe if you're using a higher resolution, the movies look worse? I don't know, these are only my speculations...
  2. @ last!!!! I have to admit that since the end of the summer holiday I disbilieved this patch will ever come out. Still I was checking Obsidian's site every time I turned my PC on. I did it today and what did I see? It's there!!! :D Yeeeehah! Now I'm really looking forward to playing KotOR II after this half-a-year waiting for the patch that was supposed to be out "in a day or two". I don't care there is no content patch: no one ever said it will be out. Multimedia patch was supposed to be out, so I was waiting for it... Of course I'm mad it wasn't out six months ago, though now I don't think about it: I only think about it's finally out and I'm going to finish KotOR II with REAL music and good quality videos, not that crappy stuff we all have been seeing since the game's release... May the Force be with you ...and with the Obsidian too.
  3. Well, I have not been watching the Great Patch Waiting Festival since May, 8th and what do I see? No patch yet! No comments, guyz, who would test movies and music in a month? Pathetic... :|
  4. Don't worry, then Obs will say something about the third patch and you'll wait next 4 months. Remember when people were guessing will we see patch before Revenge of the Sith? Well, we saw, but uncomplete, so I think I'll probably see Episode III and than I will play TSL again (I only finished it once).
  5. Yes, I think, but you better buy another card: I heard 5500 is worse than 5200...
  6. 1. TSL's cut content and some bugs were LucasArts fault: they gave OE only a year to make a really good RPG. I think that OE did everything they could within a year and the game is great, even with those bugs. I said it elsewhere but I have to say it once again: who would make such a good game in one year? 2. Obisidan doesn't have a bad reputation. There are programists that made games like Fallouts and Planescape: Torment. They also released only one game as Obsidian Entertainment. They will also release Neverwinter Nights 2, which could be very, very good. You guyz don't have idea about the working on NWN 2, why do most of you say it will be a crap? I'm pretty much sure that also much people will say that NWN 2 is a crap after the premiere of the game, even if it will be great. Why? Just to kick OE. 3. You said "why would anyone want to work for a company who makes games that are not fully functional?". Not GAMES, but GAME if you really think that about KotOR II. And why would anyone want to work for that firm? Uhm... don't you think that just to CHANGE the fact that people say such things about OE? Or to get some experience...
  7. We aren't talking about is making a patch difficult. They stated the patch (movies and music) IS done and the only thing they have to do is to build it, which I believe means "compress, make an installer". I also think they won't give the patch to LucasArts (as I said before), 'cause I believe it was tested with the 1.0b patch (in the patch readme, from 29 MARCH they wrie "high quality music, high quality movies, it's before they gave the patch to LA. LA tested the whole patch and then one of the sides decided to release two patches: 1.0b and music'n'movies patch). But still... I have a bad feeling about this, over a week of waiting means to OE "a day or two".
  8. I can recall Feargus saying "Patch coming in this week" in begin to half March, so don't count on it... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, they said the patch is complete, I'm sure it's also tested (hm, I think it was testing with the just released patch, so there will be no problem with LucasArts), so, like they said, they just have to "build" it and it will be out. I bet sunday or monday.
  9. Ha! :D That's a quote from the bug fix list from Obsidian's site. Now I know why I made a mistake.
  10. Yeah! I sense the Force in you, Obsidian and LA. I just opened my Firefox, wanted to check the AHL results, but I thought: "maybe I will check if the patch is released, as everyday I do". The second thought was: "You want the impossible". But I opened obsidianent.com and I see... "Patch RELEASED"! Yeeehah! Then I checked the bug fix list. Some of the broken quests are fixed (that's good, despite I've never saw any broken quest while playing the game once :D ), but they've done nothing about the music. Uhm... That's not good at all. Now I read this topic and I can't believe my eyes! The major bugs are now fixed and in the next few days I will download a patch fixing the music and the movies! Am I still sleeping? Isn't it just a [too] beautiful dream? There is nothing better than reading such good news in the morning! I'll download the patch now, then wait this "few days" and than start playin' the real KOTOR II! BTW: I wasn't really interested about a content patch. I like the ending the the whole game as it is. Of course I will be happy if the content patch is out, but simply I'm satisfied with the quests fixed and, than, the music & the movies. May the Force be with you, O&LA!
  11. Well after playing KotOR II for several hours I was disappointed that when I want to talk to somebody I don't see any green-letter sentences to choose from.
  12. I voted for Obsidian. Let's give them another chance ...and more time. By the way: I thought you guys choose BioWare or "Other", I'm shocked that most of you chose Obsidian!
  13. Yeah, it's always easy to say that. But if one of your friends/family members is dying, you don't look on how long they lived, but even if they live for 99 years, it is always too short for you. We would never say "that's enough, he/she can die, it's ok". I would never accept any good person's death. I am a Catholic and Pope's illness is a real tragedy for me, my family, my whole nation (Pope is Polish... I didn't know any other Pope, Pope was always Polish for me and for many, many people in Poland). Medics say there is no hope, but they said the same last evening. The only thing we can do is to pray, pray for a miracle...
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