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  1. " It is not the bugs about Kotor2 game engine that worries me most, now. What worries me, and it is almost identical with the games that they made. these bugs of script, quest and gameplay, that annoy us most. It is the first time when I see an editor which is also slow to take out its patch, while a non-official site make the fixes quickly than Obsidian http://magestrix.com/K2End/about.html Salutation
  2. Arg! It is the worse than of what I thought. Worse than the French public service, with these heavy procedures between lucasart and obsidian. I am going to wait two months to have a patch which does not correct a lot of the bugs, even to add some anymore.
  3. When what is that it takes out the famous patch which corrects the musics and the videos on the game? This patch was foreseen in some days, two weeks ago.
  4. The french version patch is not ready... I shall try even tomorrow.
  5. http://www.petitiononline.com/kotor2/ There is still a petition for those who do not know it, theses signatures will be sent to Obsidian and especially to Lucasart. Salutations
  6. I have just finish reinstalling the game, apparently it did not put the french patch. damn!
  7. Someone can copy/paste the bugs fixes list here?
  8. I wish to have five It is frustrating to buy an incomplete game, me waits that there is a patch which rectifies all this, otherwise they can always lick themselves so that I buy Kotor3.
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