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Revan here, Revan there (Aug 31)

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Saraya: Thank you! Yes, it is kinda tricky balancing the work and study aspects, especially when I do multiple jobs (comic drawing one moment, commissions the next! @_@). But at least I'm doing what I like, and I'm lucky to be able to have that luxury in earning my keep. Do keep your spritis up and keep on practicing! I myself have so much more to learn :blink:





That I can imagine. You're really too modest tho, but you are correct. Tho I couldn't compare to you in any way, I think I know what you mean.

When you draw something, you find there are always different and better looking ways of depicting something.


Maybe I'm not saying it right, but you know what I mean. The only difference is, you can incorporate those changes. I just waste trees :D


The new work is superb, really, that's all I can say :D

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I just looked through all of your art in this thread and on your site, and I honestly don't know what to say that hasn't been said already.


Your work is beautiful, sensitive, seems to come from the heart or beyond, but at the same time they're also just a lot of fun. It is truly incredible to behold an artist that has a passion for their work such as you.


I could say "keep up the good work!" or "please draw more!" but that would be completely redundant, as I'm sure you will keep drawing and sharing with the public.


So, a big "Thank You!" goes out to you from this guy. I look forward to more!

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Exxy: Hehe, thanks! Glad you like the shading since I had to make do with the only grey Copic marker I brought with me during my vacation T_T


Midnight Hawk: Hohoho, thanks! Careful you don't accidentally turn the shower to 'HOT' though! Ouch ouch ouch!


Roger the Sith: Hey, even scoundrels get mushy too! Well, if I did a Handmaiden/Male Exile version, I'm sure there will be blood and gore in the aftermath :D


Silvershadow: *fans the girl*


Starbreeze: Thanks! I only use Photoshop for the lettering in the ESB-tribute strips, but yeah, I generally use that software to do digital art.


LadyCrimson: Thanks! I'm apparently only nice to Disciple when I do sketches XD;; Glad you like them!


Lord of Hunger: Thanks! As for the font, I use 'DigitalStrip' that I got from blambot.com actually.


Royal_Nonesuch: Thanks!


tmp: Yikes! XD;;


Ioini: Heh, though the initial idea is to depict a protective Mandalore, I have resigned myself to the idea that he's copping a feel off Exile in that pic TwT


Leia: Thanks! Yeah, something should've happened with Atton considering you can't bring him along to anywhere on Dxun/Onderon initially. But heck, that's what fan art is for, yeah?


Padmi: Thanks! 'Adult art'?? Yikes XD;


Nartwak: I actually used white-out for the lighting effects in there XD;; Talk about special effects on a budget!


jaguars4ever: Thank you! I actually did that on a whim being one of my regular sketches, but I love how it turned out :3


Saraya: Thanks! For me, even though analog drawing skills is important to learn regardless of styles, what's equally vital are the ideas behind the art. I try to improve in this area by attempting scenes that contain conflicts/drama/anything that can be related to on an emotional level...it's really nice/interesting to see the audience's reactions.


George: Thank you! That means a lot :- I've never been as passionate over a series until KOTOR came along (I wasn't as nuts about SW in general too!) because of the story and characters, and I can only show my love for them the only way I know how...which is through fan art! I'm sure others who dabble in the artistic side of KOTOR fandom feel the same :)


Okay, update! (So quick?!)


Apparently many of my friends are rascals who know how to prod my 'perfectionist' side to get their way, and they felt the homage should've been longer to be perfect. I originally wanted to leave the scene that just covers the romantic moment, but apparently even I now feel that it is not complete without the C3P0 interruption part. So I added another 2 pages just for that. Hurrah! And I'm putting all the pages because we're all lazy bums to even try to check back two pages behind :D


Click on the thumbnails to see the pages. Enjoy!


Page 1



Page 2



Page 3



Page 4


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Nartwak: I actually used white-out for the lighting effects in there XD;; Talk about special effects on a budget!

You're kidding! Ha! That's awesome aimo.


Your friends were right, the added pages really polish off the scene. Thanks for the update.

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This is super aimo. I'm in the middle of class and I started to laugh out loud. Sure my prof did notice I wasn't really discussing the fine tactics of Dutch grammatics....


I did show her. She doesn't know anything about kotor and still she found it pretty.



And indeed, you are right. My 'drawings' are all pretty straightforward, in every sense of the word. Yours is so fluent and dynamic and it actually makes your public feel what you are trying to convey..


Again (awe) :D

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:cool: Two updates in as many days, Aimo!


Love how the atmosphere dissolves in the last picture, and the graphic depiction of what Atton says. :thumbsup:




About that Handmaiden/Exile fight... :shifty: What a coincidence, I had a glitch there on my initial play-through: During the last spar, Handmaiden's vitality stopped decreasing at 1. She must have gotten carried away by the excitement and caused my Exile pneumothorax or something... Return to Main Menu is what I got. ;)

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Thanks for the kind words!


Nartwak: No kidding yo! It took me years before I finally realize that ordinary stationery can produce neat effects. So I'm now in the camp which believes that you bloody well don't need to buy the 'right pens' or the 'right paper' to produce ggood comics/art etc. etc.


Saraya: Ooh, I hope I didn't get you in trouble during class! @_@


Arkendale: If you keep going at it with conviction, you'll definitely be better than me WAAAAAAAY earlier before you reach my age :) (I cry for my lost youth)


Exxy: Sexy stick figures? XD XD


TetsuJedi: Glad to be of service lol


Roger: Only when I'm on a roll, sir. Right now, the reality of work is descending ;) With Handmaiden/Exile, I have this idea of parodying the cheesy-like hell line of Anakin to Padme on Naboo (the 'I don't like sand, so rough, blah blah' line). I don't think I'll be able to do it in time for the Challenge, but maybe another time just kicks.

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