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Best Episode

What is your favourite Episode of the Star Wars?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite Episode of the Star Wars?

    • I The phantom menace
    • II The attack of the clones
    • IV A new hope
    • V The Impire strike back
    • VI The return of the Jedi
    • I hate them all

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The Empire Strikes Back of course. :cool:

"They might not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me, you are. It's not the sort of thing that you just stop being. You're stuck with it, just like you're stuck being the General." ~Bao-Dur, Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords
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I'm surprised people hold RotJ in such high regard. It's the worst movie in OT to me. I even like AotC better, especially if it's the Special Edition RotJ it's compared to. Overall, ESB is the best and TPM is the worst in my books. It will be interesting to see how well Ep III will do.

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RoTJ remains the ultimate Star Wars experience, even though its cooler to like ESB.





and Ep1 isnt even watchable, id rather eat gravel.

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for me ANH is the best with ESB close near


i think the quality of other movies is just inferior to these 2, expecially for PM...


not that any is really a bad, but i think the inspiration slowly left Lucas... who put way more emphasis on special effects and less and less in story and characters.


also probably epII was a bit ruined in post production, so i have hope that Lucas can still redeem himself :p

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Just my opinion, the scene that got cut where not actually love scenes, but ones whith Anakin/Padme chatting a bit of themselves, always usefull to make the chars a bit deeper...

the opening with Amidala speaking to the senate was cut too, a good scene in my opinion.

Also the story with Doku was changed a bit, i think that a verbal confrontation with Anakin-Amidala vs him had to be nice....


In exchange we had another action sequence, the one in the factory, that is in my opinon the worst we have in the movie, also after that point there are almost no more dialogues in the movie as it "grow" with all action sequences, looong ones (even if very well made).


This makes the movie a bit umbalanced in my opinion and also the characters remain a bit superficial.


ehm is also true that average dialogues with average actors can result in a lot of boring moments :(

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Okay. EpII was ruined in post production because they didn't cut the ghastly love scenes. Got it now. :(


I rather enjoyed the factory scene in EpII. The action sequences were pretty good in general (if veering towards the silly sometimes) whilst almost all of the dialogue was awful. So it's a good thing there was more action and less dialogue, IMO...


In today's Star Wars films we can expect the Sith to get a couple of decent lines, but that's about it >_<

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Empire strikes back.

Has the best lightsaber duel in the films, followed by the best twist.

No competition.

Best lightsaber duel??????

Luke and Vader can hardly move on this one!

Their duel in ROTJ is much more intense.


Up to now the best lightsaber duel was in EP 1.

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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