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kotor 3 in development

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It's amazing this isnt in the WAY-OFF topic ;) But im wondering if Obsidian is thinking of making a 3rd KOTOR. If so I hope they make the sith a more playble faction than it has been in the last two. Im sure evryone can put a little imput into this topic. Anyways enough spam..

There is nothing there for you Jedi, only weakness surrounds the Jedi Order, just Give in

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I perosnally hope that they do. Although K2 didn't end in a glorious way as I intended, I have faith in them because of their team and the games the people in Obsidian have made in the past. Other then the ending the game was awesome and since they should be better off financially by then I think they'd do a great job, and probably would tie up the loose ends of K2, as I'm pretty sure Feargus said they would if they made K3.

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