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  1. I only have 33 of them... strange and yet i've beat the game a million times. And i'm playing on the Xbox.
  2. Let's say i consider slaughter a form of dance
  3. I saw these robes in the back of the Prima book. Can you actually get these on XBOX? Is there a certain level i must attain? Natth Cowling: Feats: Jedi Defense Defense Bonus: 3 Upgradable: Yes Breakdown Value: 750 Special: Restricted to Dark Side; STR +3 Arca Jeth's Robe: Feats: Jedi Defense Defense Bonus: 2 Upgradable: Yes Breakdown Value: 875 Special: Restricted to Light Side; WIS +2; Regeneration Force Points: 3 Aleema Keto's Robe: Feats: Jedi Defense Defense Bonus: 3 Upgradable: Yes Breakdown Value: 975 Special: Restricted to Dark Side; STR +2; WWIS +4; Regenerat
  4. was bitch and besides you shouldnt be posting that name on this forum. She was weak and pathetic, Malak knows war, does not she is an dillusional old woman who has her pathtic apprentices do her dirty work. At least Malak has the balls to annihilate all thsoe who oppose him, his speach is filled with hate noit cryptic words. She is Uber pathethic! Malak fought the mandalorian wars, any jedi that survived have much honor, didnt even fight <_< what a pathetic jedi.
  5. yoda died at 923 years old,Revan is 4000 years ago,can you do the math for this one brainiac? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you under-estimate the force my friend, and easy on the flames. My guess is that is Yoda's master , its probably the makes the most sense.
  6. Has anyone seen the similarities between Kriea and Obi-wan Kenobi? Both were lightside jedi who ended up being "Neutral Jedi" Both had two apprentices First apprentice of both fell to the dark side although this seems just stupid i had another question. Who was Yoda's master? was it Revan? * I mean Yoda is very old Revan must have known him, and revan was very wise and wasnt enslaved by either side of the force. He commanded the force and all life is touched by the force, and thats what made him a powerful leader. * Revan would make a better historian than even yoda hims
  7. Yes it's quite bad, but it can be good at other times. Even worse some of the removed items from the generator pop up on xbox and utterly **** up the game. For example i found some kind of robe from the prima book and i tried the Robe on and strangly it game froze, saved game froze, you name it. I had to reload from before i entered the area, it's quite strange however thats the only time ive ever seen a removed item. I believe the robe gave me +3 to my strngth and a 3 defense.
  8. You post here, too. It doesn't mean you do it well. ) If he was toying with a padawan and then got owned, he wasn't only weak with the saber, he was stupid as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> he was strong with a lightsaber but dumb as a bundle of sticks or a failure of good old lucas.
  9. Do you not realize that Maul was toying with Obi Wan he couldve easily killed him. Qui Gon was much stronger than obi wan anyways.
  10. I dont know **** face, Who scared of an old coot? Espicially a weak one. You overestimate his chances. Maul was the best with a lightsaber, A double bladed lightsaber is the most difficult to master and only precise attacks are effective and may be used, one wrong moved and its your end. Besides he killed a jedi master and almost his apprentice. But it was stupid obi wan wouldve died if he wasnt so foolish. It's typical for Sith Knights to be better skilled with a lightsaber than with the force. Dooku= old pathetic jedi who turned to the dark side Luke= I could beat this ***
  11. Maul was the best, besides jedi fight like the french. Maul is undoubtly the greatest L/S master from the movies.
  12. Go to Onderon that Serrico Merchant usually has various kinds of robes it took me about 10 tries do get any kind of master robe. I got a dark master robe. Just patience and ull get on and the Merchant in the refugee quater on nar'shadda has premium items but you have to do is chore over and over again but he carries good ****.
  13. What are you fool's talking about? Everyone knows obsidian ****ed up on Kotor 2, all i like is the new options and abilities and such. The KOTOR 1 storyline was awesome and it isnt obvious as someone sad it was before. Bioware should get rights obsidian is a younger company that hasnt enough expirence to do a good enought job IMO. However NWN is so much better than Morrowind. But i believe Oblivion will be good.
  14. Even though Tulak Hord wasnt in the movies he would own all. Cant beat him with a sword or a ightsaber and lightsabers can abosrb the force so id say if you'd fight him ud be F*****. Im not sure if he was in the Golden era comics or not however id like to know this. Nearly every anceint jedi/sith are much more powerful than the new generations.
  15. Tulak-who? Oh, you mean that made up bioware Sith Lord in which the only thing we know about is that he was supposidly good with weapons? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He was the greatest lightsaber duelest he supposedly used lightsaber techniques so sinister they were forbidden by the sith. Theres mention of him in 1 and 2 im not sure about those ancient golden era comics.
  16. I know these kind of topics have been pounded into the ground but here goes nothing. 1.) I believe the "Villian" of Kotor 3, should be a "True" Sith lord. And he would reign on Ziost. I gave him the name Kar Narbalesh which would mean nothing in basic but in anceint sith "The Dark Lord Narbalesh" basically he'd be black and red giving off a true image of evil however this tattoo like skin must be emphasized that it is natural and not actually a tattoo ( unlike maul's ). He would be well built in a dark robe. Red eyes and the usual non-sense. But he Has mastered the Dark side of the force c
  17. Many get Orange Crystals because they have a little matching phase where they have to match everything hence Freedon Naad's saber must match. Damn color crystal cant be upgraded, what kind of crap is that?
  18. I would sacrifice Kreia, [edited for language]
  19. Uh no i may have missspeleld it but he was that yoda dude from KOTOR 1
  20. Intresting, But i'more into chosing to start as a sith class or a jedi class. I hate jedi, I've always been a Sith. I say they should allow you to choose what you start as. However that would rewuire new sith classes.
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