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Save Obsidian's NWN2 forums


Do you want Obsidian's NWN2 forums restored?  

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Might I make a suggestion... ?


Despite whatever differences in opinion some of us may have, and regardless of your opinion of BioWare, should you want a place to discuss NWN2 freely, you may go to www.nwn2news.net and discuss the issues at length... no fear of reprisal from either camp, as we are independent from both BioWare and Obsidian.


Likewise, for live discussions, you can visit our IRC server...



That's irc.nwn2news.net for the server, port 6667...  this is for IRC clients (such as mIRC and XChat)... if you want to use the Java applet, you can find it here.



What are you doing marketing your board because of this topic? :thumbsup:

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Ok, I dont post much on the NWN forum, I only lurk there, but I still am upset Atari moved it. I really liked the relaxed atmosphere and the cosy way the fans and devs communicated at OE.


Most people who posted here on the NWN forums may be (in my eyes) considered "die hard" fans, who can discuss on serious deep issues about the game. I am afraid the quality of the NWN forum will quickly decrease at Bio, simply because they have more members who are not so occupied with the game as (I think) some people overhere are. Ofcourse those people are entitled to have their own opinion too, but I still think it won't do the forum much good...

Furthermore, the Bio forum is much slower and has a really annoying (to me) layout. If Atari wanted to reach the community, they also could have had the boards linked from Bio to here, in the same way they are redircted from OE to Bio now.

And from a marketing P.O.V.: I am only a first year marketing student, so I'm no expert, but would it for Obsidian not have been better marketingwise to keep the boards themselve? Because I can imagine some people who come at Bio thinking that Bioware develops the game, and not OE. OE deserves the attontion, as they are a (relatively) new developer, mostly only known by their former BIS fanbase. I think it was a rather harsh move of Atari.

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Steel Wind's first post, from August 17th.  At no point does he attempt to change the situation though example (though he does contact the moderators or admin, judging from what he says); on the contrary, he fans the flames of trollism.  The more that I see, and the more DLA members join up just to troll those of us who have been posting here, the more convinced I am that some CC creator got his feelings hurt because some OE poster didn't worship the ground that he walked on ("Wow!  You made the ultra-realistic big-breasted jiggy nudie hak?  You are a god!") and instead challenged him, and then said CC creator went off in a tantrum to complain to Atari.  Rather childish behavior, if you ask me, and which makes me, at least, less likely to purchase NWN.



If that is the kind of guys hanging around in the mod forums...


makes you wonder why 99,9% of the mods out there are less than entertaining.



“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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I don't post much on any forums these days, but I still try and read up on the games that I am interested in. I don't love every post and every poster on the Obsidian boards that there is one thing here that I find really superior to the Bioware forums.


If someone disagrees with the outlines that we see from the designers, they are still taken seriously as posters here. As long as they stay civil and cosntructive, that is. On the Bioware NWN boards... ? Well I have tried to take part there several times and each time any constructive criticism is shouted down by the board fanatics and the moderators.


Of course the designers are often right in what they think, but thoughts from people on the outside is one of the main reasons for having a discussion forum during game development, isn't it? I do not look forward to going back to Bioboards and being told that NWN itself was perfect in all its design choices and that all my opinions don't count for anything because I am neither a game designer nor a mod creator...


To give an old example: I used to post during NWN development pushing for an optional pause-in-play to be decided by the module creator. In my little opinion I stayed civil and constructive. The feelin was though that since the original plans didn't include p-in-p it was something that a lot of the fans wanted to strangle me for even mentioning - especially as they claimed that it would ruin their multiplaying. Supported by the fan mob a Bioware spokesman told us dissenters off, without even bothering to look at what our suggestion actually meant.


As a result I left those boards mildly disgusted, and later on felt a minor evil delight when the game in the end included a simplified pause-in-play, included in a lot less elegant way than what we had proposed...


I have later peeked into the Bioboards off and on, and always felt the same vibes staring back at me: Bioware reps and mods who take criticism as insults, and a fan crowd who back them in every way. Also a special in crowd of modmaking peeps who try to make sure that mere mortals understand that no opnion is worth anything if it isn't backed by a "name in the community". Mind you, this feel of mine might be truly unfair, as I have not read a majority of the NWN related threads on those boards.


Still. If a forum deals with a game in development it has to be open for questioning of as good as any planned feature in the game, as well as for any relevant suggestion. Of course people are allowed to say so if they agree with the developers' plans, but the more neutral moderators stay in the matter, the more constructive the environment becomes. Obsidian has started well in this respect, echoing the original feel of the BIS boards. Other forums sometimes seem to go for a format where designers give out a little bit of info and fans sit and praise it all - while shouting at anyone who doesn't 'oooh' and 'aaah' in the right places. That just ends up being an interactive advert, and I have no interest whatsoever in taking part in something like that.


So, I would love to see some sort of NWN2 part of this forum, especially if it is possible to see the designers interacting with it as well... The Bioware forum is the better interactive advert, I agree with Atari about that. But it would surprise me if it is better constructive idea pool for the game...

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Cut the drama guys.

You can still talk about the game...

...Just at different place.


Yeah, I guess, but it's like when Cheers closed up.


Sure, they could just go drink at another bar, but Cheers is where everyone knows your name. It's just not the same.


Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your nammmme, and their always glad you came, you want be where people see, that troubles are all the same, you want to go where everyone knows yoru name

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WTF is up with the needless new KotOR forums?

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- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


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Even though the BioBoards are slow, I like the friendly atmosphere of the BioWare community (one of the best moderated forums I've visited) - the posters there are active, enthusiastic, and helpful. I see no harm or drawback in this move at all. However, if I had a choice, I would prefer the NWN2 forums stay on the Obsidian Boards because, as many have previously stated, Obsidian is developing the game, not BioWare. If you truly care about the development of NWN2, don't be discouraged by this move. It's not the end of the world... :p

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All comments are fair enough, but nothing is going to change the fact that the NWN2 boards are relocated. So, I don't see the point in continuing with board comparisons, anecdotes, allegations and other commentary.

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