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  1. SoZ rocks hard. If you disagree, you're dumb. Thank you, that is all.
  2. You know the logo? The white of "Obsidian"? It uh, freaks me out. It's like that ring thing In that movie with the girl. YOU HAVE SEVEN DAYS!
  3. Happy B day vis. May your days be filled with LOLz. How old are you now?
  4. Okay whatever you say... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He is Volourn. His every word is the law. YOU MUST OBEY HIM
  5. Fallout combat's fine. It worked well for the engine. Different tastes I guess. Besides which, Fallout Had a lot more to offer Other than combat.
  6. News! Pluto's pissed off Crashes full force into Earth All life is destroyed
  7. This is the wrong place. It's is not a PC game. It is tabletop.
  8. Fire Retardant? Just write about Volourn. He gets flamed a lot.
  9. Whether you TT Or play Dawn of War Online We want to know too! Do you like to paint Miniatures and such doodads? Share some photographs! I used to paint them But it grew too expensive So I simply quit. But I love the fluff! I read the novels and such. They are very fun!
  10. I remember you. You had that cleric avvie. From IWD2. Back in BIS. You know, I always liked you. You were pretty cool.
  11. "I came from black goo" Simply sounds less impressive Than "I came from God".
  12. Congratulations, you have just encapsulated aparthied! Now try to reduce it down to a haiku for bonus points! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Much racial hatred Tears apart South Africa Humanity cries.
  13. Markov'ed Volourn Sounds far more intelligent Than the real schindig.
  14. You have good talent. But can you lick your elbow? You have much to learn.
  15. I have forgotten. No matter, I know you now. All is well and good.
  16. V For Vendetta And W for Whitemithrandir I love alphabet.
  17. I don't hate halo I hate the halo fanboys. I want to stab them.
  18. Sounds like a good thing. Never liked him anyway. I guess Rove is next?
  19. One, check your wiring. Two, check your mobo jumpers. Three, call tech support
  20. I don't need a book. I live my life in Haiku's One beat at a time.
  21. Poor Fionavar. He's trying way way too hard. Hmm, where is phosphor? Now that JE's back Bring back the Overseer! All problems are solved.
  22. I'd have to say yes. As for what team he'd be on... New Jersey Devils?
  23. I dream of forests Full of trees and birds that sing Birds are delicious.
  24. What?! You can't do that. That would make way too much sense. We can't have that here.
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