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  1. the temptations - number 1's (entire cd)
  2. i feel for ya ... best of luck to your B-in-law . I lost my sister the day after thanksgiving to cancer one of my brothers suffered a major heart-attack just before x-mas (doing better but still high risk after surgery) and another brother almost died just after new years ... kidneys started shutting down, high fever, fell broke several ribs , just a bunch of different problems (doing better now) and most recent yet another brother of mine was just in the hospital for pneumonia and found he has several spots on his lymph nodes (probably cancer) more test are being done it's been
  3. metal church - a light in the dark (entire cd)
  4. i've had my creative zen ... 60 gig (largest they had) vision m for 7 years now and it still works beautifully. use it everyday at work (steel factory ... dirty, oily) have a good leather protective case and screen protector. was $240 back when it came out though. software is easy to navigate ... hard disc that came with it (didn't have to download from internet), supports many file types. as this is an old model now (don't make it anymore, but you may find it at amazon or ebay ... maybe), not sure how the newer ones for creative are. i believe 32 gig is the largest they make now. head
  5. judas priest - point of entry (entire cd)
  6. kenny wayne shephard - trouble is (entire cd) I love this album
  7. heave 'n hell - the devil you know (entire cd)
  8. vandenberg - the definitive collection (both cds)
  9. gary moore - still got the blues (entire cd)
  10. spinal tap - back from the dead (entire cd)
  11. Rainbow - Down to Earth (entire cd)
  12. that's just wrong HK ... just wrong lol you should really be using your photoshop skills for better purposes
  13. thanks for the laugh ... I can't imagine what the bird thought after you did that. i had a roommate who had an african grey parrot and i got along well with it, but the damn bird had a wicked sense of humor. it would make the sound of the telephone ringing and when i would go to answer it it would start laughing .... then wait until i left the room and do it again the bird would have complete conversations with itself and sound like we had an apartment full of people we knew (and sound just like the people it was imitating) one other quirk it had was it was raised by an airpor
  14. sorry to see ya part ways (for now?) ... hope it gets better for ya soon. along with the rest that are being hit hard by this difficult time. wish ya a speedy return and a brighter future .......... take care DR and best of luck
  15. dispite the penalties (by the cards especially) I thought it was a very good game. A game called well by the refs. it was close, it was exciting and although it was no surprise the steelers won ....... it could of easily went the other way. on another note the half-time show sucked again (not being a Springsteen fan I could not bare to watch it) (still not as bad as the stones half-time show though) cudos to the cards for a most excellent effort. I applaud the steelers on their 6th superbowl win ....... sorry to see another season end. 1 more game so to speak (pro-bowl). I can't wait
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