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  1. I agree. Well, it depends on a genre, of course. If it's a realistic action/simulator, than these effects should be there. That will greately improve the feel of the game. Plus, it's just fun. The effects can be quite complex, too. One thing when the player just got some temporary sight disorders due to some toxic attack, but quite the other when he's got jacked up with drugs. In case of some hallucinational drugs, there should be a lot of effects.... illusions, random figures appearing outta nowhere, some really weird stuff, all in some delirious fog. During that time, you cannot control your character (maybe only partially). He just shambles around, or even going berzerk. A really interesting idea. I think developers should really try implementing such stuff.
  2. You're not into FPS much, are you? Physics is much more important than gfx in sport-FPSs, like Quake or CS. But on the topic, well, I was really impressed with Doom3. I've always liked ID, and their engines. And this one rocked hard. Btw, the gameplay is also good in D3. A good horror. Source is good, also. Physics, mainly. So, I kinda love them both..... ^_^ BUt certainly NOT FarCry. Alright, the game is full crap, but the engine is not a match for HL2 or D3 etither.
  3. I agree. But still I have some hope for Bethesda.....
  4. I'm satisfied. I even liked it more than KOTOR1. KOTOR1 was ... too childish, at times. KOTOR2 had some new perspective over all the events. But of course, the fact that KOTOR2 was brutally cut down due to tight development time limits reaaaly upset me.
  5. I don't get why people like Sims so much.... I mean, aren't they fed up with this ordinary life already? Why duplicate it on the PC? Or it's because they can't live like that in real life? Anyway, never dug that crap. I'd rather play some fantasy or something that's away from this world.
  6. WEll, not that horrible.... even on my Duron800 Geforce2 system i could cope with that.. i mean, yeah, it was laggy, but not to the point where i couldn't fight or sumtihn. But yeah, G2's engine was flawed. G1 was running smoothly on my sys. Well, they just wanted to crunch some new features into the old engine...
  7. NOt dinosaur, but Razor and Snappers. Heh, but i can't seem to remember any rhinos in G1/2... well, it's a new continent in G3 so hey
  8. I would be Chodo Habat. He's very kind and loves nature, plus he's force-sensitive, but will never fall to the dark side. Plus, he's sooooooo cute ^_^
  9. FOT? Pretty good graphic style - good representation of fallout universe, although still for me F2-F1 gfx are much better. Tactics - pretty good, but not so awesome... I liked JA2 much more. WEll, that's it. I played it around 6 hours and then uninstalled, cuz was totally bored. Why? Because it's NOT RPG at all. Of course, it was stated so in the frist place, but I just don't dig Fallout-universe games that are not RPGs..... just me.
  10. Hmm... i think it's dumb to make such series.... There is already a cartoon-series on Cartoon Network. By the way, anyone seen it? I've seen long ago, but now it's like a comeback with improved gfx and better story..... but i dunno ^_^
  11. Your feelings deceive you. I also like Jedi Academy combat. By the way, I created a similar thread some time ago, but it was more elaborated. Well, it's deep down in the forum Lethe already....
  12. Plus, the interview was informative. He answered all questions adequately.
  13. Damn, you are bunch of boring meatbags..... that lack sense of humor What's so bad in his, as you put it, "wackiness"? It's just humor, goddamnit. What, you're gonna question Chris Avellone's skills because he talks wacky in his interviews? Damn, the more I read his interviews/articles, the more I respect him. Not as a comedian, but as a story designer. Or what - they supposed to cry because someone didn't like their last game?? Now that would be stupid. They have a job they love, they're doing what they love. What can be better? Even if Obsidian dies, both Tony and Chris (for example) will easily find another job. Damn, other companies will be craving for them!
  14. What do you mean "on topic"??? It's Gothic 3 thread, not Oblivion!
  15. No, i'm not gonna wait, actually. We started working pretty while ago, so there is no way i'm gonna cancel the project or sumthing. But it would be just good to have some official endorsement (which is highly unlikely, i know)
  16. I'm not sure about what to expect from Oblivion. You cannot know for sure yet. But I know this: Morrowind's world was DEAD. Totally lifeless and gray. I mean, it was just a munch-paradise, with lots of loot, dungeons, monsters, places to visit..... but it lacked actual role-playing and interactivity. Gothic was quite the opposite. And I'm talkiing about Gothic 1, czu Gothic2 was just a wee bit .. less original and interesting, i'm sure many agree to this. Anyway, i love them both. And I'm sure that Gothic 3 will be even more live and interactive, and immersive. If they'll succeed in implementing some advanced AI system, like Bethesda plans for Oblivion, then it would be just great.
  17. Musopticon? Agree, Gothic 1 is surely the best project of Piranha Bytes so far. G2 was very good too, but ... iyeah, it's just too "standart" fantasy. We'll see what will Gothic 3 bring us.....
  18. I was talking about my PC..... it's just ancient for a game like Gothic 3... well, unless i make an upgrade... And of course I can get any game here quick ^_^
  19. Oh my.... wet dreams like these??? Disturbing!
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