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What Jedi/Prestiege Classes Are Reccomended?

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Hello There,


I was just wondering what classes are the best of the best of the best in KOTOR II. Its few weeks before the games is released here in Australia so I just wanted to know what the best classes you experts reccomend.


for example


is a


Scout/Sential/Jedi Master Reccomended




Scout/Sentinal/Sith Lord


so can anyone help me with some advice, it would be great appreaited :thumbsup:




whats the best skills/feats/force powers for both sides of the force?

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Hi Bastila. This time around you start as a jedi, so there is no more scout class. You can start as M/F sentinel, guardian, or consular. I played my game as a LS male, starting as a guardian then progressing to a Jedi Watchman. The first few planets were challenging, but midway through the game I was quite the weapon.


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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I chose to use consular/sith lord twice through the game, my other play was guardian/weaponmaster, i didnt really like that. But con/sithlord is really fun. I dont think you actually need the consular force points though, midway through the game i never ran out of force points

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The "real" way to go would be:


Consular ---> Jedi Master / Sith Lord

Mean force powers and almost infinite force points, helll you won't even need your lightsabre.


Sentinel ---> Jedi Watchman / Sith Assasin

Well balanced character, this was my choice on my first playthrough. Kicks ass with both sabres and force powers.


Guardian ---> Jedi Weapon Master / Sith Marauder

Bad ass Meele-SoaB, you'll simply cut down anything that gets in your way.



The thing is though (as said) that the game is all to simple and no matter what classes you choose you will still be unstoppable after a few level-ups.

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My only recommendation is to go with sentinel, no matter what your playing style is. And then when you get to prestige classes you choose whichever style you like.

Because this time around skills matter more and it adds more to the game if you are skillful, there will be more dialog options and so on. Besides you will be more than powerful enough to slice through anything with a lighsaber or force no matter what you are and in that respect the sentinel is the best way to go since you also get the skills. Just remember to go with 14 intelligence >_<

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