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  1. Yes!!! I have seen better tooo its just everyone wants ACTRESSes and not pornstar or models. But Schmarth Torrie does have some good ones tho
  2. oh yes i have another one Angelina Jolie (w00t)
  3. Yes Denise Richards is a very good choice but i do not know if most of you guys know this but there is this woman named Torrie Wilson in the WWE aand she looks Very good( especially in her her playboy pics) :D
  4. One thing that also is getting me pshyced up for the 360 is the webcam they're coming out with plus i've alos been a fan of XBL and the way it works. I've had a few friends already pre-order their. By the way has anyone heard about the 360 shortages???
  5. The reason why i would get a 360 is because yes there are a lot of RPGs to support the system which is good and when Halo 3 comes out that'll just be even better!!! And the PS3 would be fun too because i do like a big majority of the the games Sony comes out with. Ps my bad for not putting it in console and gaming i wan't think :D :">
  6. Dude one of my friends on live told me to go to Lemon Party. lol. I thought i was gunna die when i saw it.
  7. I am just wandering if you guys would rather buy the PS3 or XBOX 360 when the time comes.
  8. I use anything that doesn't restrict force powers.
  9. Sorry if you have a hard time reading this but inbetween the English translation and the beggining of the German curse word is where you would separate the words.
  10. Fich dich = F### you Hurensohn = S.O.B. Mutterficker = MoFo Zeige /Schlampe/Weibstuck = B#### and plenty of ohters if you need to know which ones.
  11. metadigital nice banner from 1984 by George Orwell
  12. Would all of you people like to learn German Curse words? I know a handful of them.
  13. i agree with everyone hu says disciple just a plain old annoying character
  14. ya its a really good game from my perspective, definitely worth buying
  15. i was jus wanderin if any of u guys watch the clone wars mini-series on cartoon network, cuz i f u dont u should.
  16. hey great phantom lets make a poll about that and see wat every1says
  17. Actually i dont have a lot of time i get on once every week, play other games besides this one, do stuff with my friends,do homework,play sports 4 my school, and etc. So....
  18. After the forums get closed, wat website do you guys (ALL 10,000 of ya)wanna go to do all of our forum stuff that we do here?
  19. thanx dude i usually jus play lightside ALL the time so thats y
  20. i know all of yall have probly done this and that this embarassing for me to ask yall he question but, how do u lern force crush. :">
  21. i played my first 2 games on normal then my last game ( ihavent completed cuz i been playin grand theft auto:san andreas)i've been plain hard
  22. 8 to 9 hrs is reasonable, but, 5hrs 56 minutes thats sounds a little strange cuz in my second game i got mine in 8hrs 41 minutes.
  23. i dunno if this is ur case but did get enough expeirience to level up? cuz thats wat i did after she agreed to become a jedi and it worked.
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