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[pWIKI] Influence Guide

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On Nar Shaddaa, you've got two exchange thugs ruffing up a civillian right by the landing pad. Doing the right thing by telling them to leave the guy alone gains influence with Bao Dur.


I believe a similar situation happens with Atton...again on Nar Shaddaa. After killing the thugs (this time ruffing up the man who says you have his down payment, iirc) he makes a comment on the Jedi code and choosing the goody-goody lightside option results in an influence gain.

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Influence seems to occur through dialogue trees and through three sets of generic interactions.


1) Do something completely selfless-e.g. go way out of your way to help someone will prompt a reaction from an ally.


two locations on Nar shaddah where this happens:

If you pay the debt of the man who claims that you have the exchange's money, and ask for nothing in return


If you succeed in treating the sick man.


Atton and Bao-dur respond positively to these actions



2) Brutally kill an innocent.


Kreia will hate this, but she will use a mind trick on anyone else in the party, gaining influence for them and losing it for her.


Atton will be shocked and you will lose influence, unless you ask him if he's okay, in which case influence is gained.


the evil droids will like this, as does hanharr


Visas is okay with it.


Handmaiden, Bao-dur, and disciple (maybe mira) all freak out.



3) Kill an innocent indirectly


Kreia will love this, but everyone else treats it the same as #2


Instances of this occuring are on dantooine, if you tell Jorun that there are no laigreks when there ARE, he will come out, be eaten and Kreia will start laughing.


Also if you tell the squid on Nar shaddah that he should kill the sick man before the disease spreads, Kreia will do the same.



Dialogue trees


If you look evil and want influence with bao-dur or disciple, don't talk to them, try and get influence in other ways


Kreia likes that you look evil.


I don't know if anyone else cares-atton says he does, but he doesn't and I was able to bluff haindmaiden out of being angry.



Specific events


I have not found the specific places where there are party member specific events, but I have found some:


If you agree to help the mercs on dantooine, whether you are lying or not, Kreia is happy, but handmaiden freaks (even if you explain that you are merely tricking them.


Before Goto's ship on Nar Shaddah, when you are fixing the speedbike, take atton and bao-dur with you (one of the parts is in the blind sullustians office, the other two are in dock area). Have atton work out the security and call him an expert. Have bao-dur check your work and tell him he's great. Influence is gained.



Any more event specific influence events would be a welcome addition.

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If you agree to help the mercs on dantooine, whether you are lying or not, Kreia is happy, but handmaiden freaks (even if you explain that you are merely tricking them.



Inversely, if you take the honorable route and tell the mercenaries that you won't help them, then Handmaiden compliments you on your response, even though she acknowledges that you might have agreed with the mercenaries only to deceive them. You gain influence for this.

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influence with HK..


The first time you make it to Onderon the soldier stops you on the way in to ask what you're doing. Use Force Persuade to tell him you dont need to talk to him.


HK comments about your ability to persuade without violence. I gave a slightly dark answer "if we werent in the city...."


I gained influence with HK and no dark side points.

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Thanks again for all the updates, everyone.


If you pay the debt of the man who claims that you have the exchange's money, and ask for nothing in return


Atton and Bao-dur respond positively to these actions

I already have an entry for this event, that says Atton will gain Influence if you fight off the thugs. Can I get a confirmation from someone (or I will wait until I get there) that both of these actions work, or that one of them does not.

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How about GO-TO and Hanharr?

It would be awsome to hear if Hanharr ever met Zaalbar, or something...  :-


Hanharr is very easy to gain influence with through his tree.


Goto's tree also gives enough influence to max out.



Three more influence gaining specific (as opposed to the general help/hurt ones)events:


On onderon if you give a pass to the republc guy while bao-dur is in party, he will say 'I wonder what his mission was' and influence is gained


When tobin attacks onderon's cantina, agree with HK that you should kill everyone there and he gives influence


When you get into a conversation in the second marketplace in onderon agree with mandalore that vaklu is your best bet and his influence, amazingly, rises



Also, any time you are dealing with a droid, try to take t3

Any time you speak to t3, treat him like a person-call him by his name, etc.

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for influencing Mandelore (forgot who was asking) i have found a few ways


On onderon if ever you have a choice of choosing General Vaklu or Queen Talia, choose General Vaklu, as Mandelore sees him as being more fit for and sees the value of having him as an Ally.


Choose Vaklu over Talia with the crowd when they ask you who you support, and again when they riot, and tell madelore who will ask something like "though i support Vaklu, i do not see us participating in the riot as necessary" and tell "we want Vaklu as an ally, we have to show our support".


Also choose Vaklu over Talia when you run into the Devoronian and the Twi'lek.


Also accept the bounty missions on the three loyalist commanders.


all of these will gain influence with Mandelore


Also choosing not to kill Tobin on Nihilus ship will lose influence with Mandelore, something about him saying you shouldn't waster time with the weak.

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I hope this is not a repeat, I searched and didn't find this anywhere in my search.

Light Side Char.







When I got to Ajunta Pall's ? Tomb she told me how Revan turned A.P. from the dark side and seemed to disapprove. I told her that NO ONE IS BEYOND REDEMPTION and gained INF.


Bao Dur





Give it to the Republic Agent in the bar. Bao Dur says I wonder what he mission was? and gain INF.

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Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Im playing as a DS PC, and everytime i gain influence with Bao-Dur he goes further down the DS, no problem. The problem is that after i gain that influence and he goes further down to the DS a few minutes later his DS/LS meter goes back toward LS despite my PC having not interacted with anyone or anything. This may be a glitch, just seeing if anyone else has had this happen.

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hey boiler, this topic seems to have become loaded with junk and repeated influence events.


It might be a good idea to combine all the various relevant posts into one and start over there. I'd do it myself, but I don't want to get into some type of competition over an idea that is not my own.


The second post in the thread has a summary of all Influence actions posted so far -- it is updated everytime I come into the thread and see new stuff posted. I've been thinking about starting a new thread with the Influence descriptions broken into a few posts, but will wait a little longer until the second post is so big it is too difficult to parse.


What I'd really like, is if a Moderator would be so kind as to STICKY this thread and maybe trim out everything below the second post so we could start with a clean slate. Hint, Hint. :blink:

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