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  1. Nope. Marburg walked up and introduced himself to you. You don't meet her until after that. Really, the *only* thing that Madeline does to advance the plot that can't be performed by someone else is to mention the connection between the warehouse and the museum - though it's likely that Mina could have figured even that out using records from the warehouse. In short, Madeline is an utterly useless and superfluous character. She provides no help that you can't get elsewhere in Rome. In fact, her sole noteworthy accomplishment is providing the ability to influence her father long after you last see her. The whole thing was a massive let down when I played through Rome because I expected some useful revelation from Madeline. Instead, I got nothing. Also... The problem is that the dialogue you quoted really needs Mike's response to be, "You mean do I regret YOU getting her involved?"
  2. I think I can discard this.....I gave my characters after the 4th playthrough 999 AP(spent all I could too) and my minigames didn't get harder....though on the Hard difficulty most of all minigames are VERY difficult but the tutorial ones were still easy though as far as I remember. He's at the start of the game so starting a new playthrough wouldn't cause any great loss...that should fix it. It's AP. Bump your AP up to 10,000, and then go try and hack/unlock/rewire something. And then go find a mook and hit him with a shock grenade.
  3. The problem with that theory is that G22 is quite clearly trying to kill Surkov in the courtyard. Best guess is that VCI has decided that the train depot mess is Surkov's fault and is trying to kill him because of that. Meanwhile, G22 sees Surkov's actions as destablizing and wants him dead because of that.
  4. That was one of the fun things about ME2 - the ability to interrupt conversations with enemies and catch them off-guard as they exploited what would be considered "conversational immunity" in any other game. Probably the best example was the conversation during Miranda's loyalty mission when you had the opportunity to shoot the opposing mercenary leader as he taunted you about how he was using the conversation to get his men into position. But no. You can't do that sort of thing in AP. And there's more than one occasion where you're basically stuck saying, "Well... THAT was stupid..."
  5. Anyone else get annoyed that we didn't have the opportunity to throw the whole "got Madeline involved" thing right back at Marburg and Leland? After all, let's run through the facts here... - She had recently arrived in town, and started working at the museum - Marburg starts planning his raid on the museum, and hires her - She sees lots of files and messages for Marburg, but all of them are coded so that she can't understand them... - ... except for one message that just happens to be regarding a hit on you - She then tries to do what she thinks is the right thing and contact you in order to warn you... - ... which inexplicably causes you to move her to your safehouse (after basically telling you something that you already knew? she didn't actually tell you anything that you didn't already know...) for "protection" - She's then perfectly positioned to provide information that tips you off to the museum raid - When you head off to stop the museum raid, Marburg kidnaps her from your safehouse - Whereupon she's used in a blatant "lesser of two evils" dilemma situation, with her death as one of the evils Golly gee, Leland, Marburg. Couldn't you make it ANY MORE OBVIOUS that you'd planned to off her right from the start, even back before you hired her? Trying to guild trip someone about getting a third party involved doesn't work so well when it's blatantly obvious that the people trying to guilt trip you are the ones who actually intentionally got said third party into the mess. It also would have been nice if the devs would have provided a conversation option to acknowledge that instead of Mike's moping whenever the subject of Miss St. James comes up. And the opportunity to tell Miss St. James, "Gee, thanks, but I already knew that. Thanks for your concern, but I think that you should go back to work and pretend that you never spoke to me."
  6. I seem to remember him doing that even without the Heck trick - the difference being that he'd start running even faster afterwards if you hadn't hired Mr. Heck's services.
  7. Periodically he'll get hit hard enough by his cocaine high that he'll pause and double-over. If you're *very* quick, then you can get him with a grenade.
  8. Eh... have to disagree there. While she's serious on the missions and only sends you one flirtatious e-mail, she also responds positively to tasteful jokes in your e-mail responses (for instance, the one in which you ask if she's going to have to show on the doll where Darcy wanted to touch her, and suggest that sending Darcy on a wild goose chase to Siberia might get him raped by a polar bear) indicating that she's increasingly at ease with you. Scarlet's is more subtle, but she definitely has her moments that are easy to miss - the "hot lesbian sex" e-mail she sends you comes to mind. SIE is a hoot, although I don't know if I'd like her so much in real life. Madison was pretty boring, imo. "I found a file that suggested that Marburg wanted to assassinate you, so I had to warn you. Sleep with me."
  9. SIE may have gotten swarmed. A house like that one is full of blind corners that lots of people can hide behind, and therefore a bad place to rely on a really big gun. And her excuse when you find her is that she got reckless and charged on ahead, suggesting that she left her support behind. Dunno on Albatross, though it's possible that he wanted to personally evaluate some data in Brayko's files and figured that the best way to ensure that he got a look at it was to participate in the mission himself. I'm not sure why Sis wouldn't have come with him, however.
  10. He doesn't? I never told him anything about the embassy attack. I did, however, notice that he used the exact same words to describe G-22 that SIE did - "like ghosts" - which led me to believe that he might actually know something about them. He clearly doesn't know who Sis is, though. At one point he mentions that you made an impression on a certain woman without initially identifying the lady in question (it's SIE), and gets confused if you mention Sis as a possibility.
  11. It's actually "earned" AP that's taken into account and not "spent" AP. It's just that usually people spend every AP that they earn, so it's difficult to tell the difference. But if you hack the ini file to give yourself 10,000 AP when you level up (which is more than you can ever use - the most you can ever spend is a little under 500), then you'll instantly fail any hack job that you attempt. Well, that explains why I'm finding the hacking much easier in my playthrough with a "Recruit" background. And Hacking isn't the only thing affected by earned AP. When I increased my AP to 10,000, one of the things that I did was Darcy's "bet". I set the stun traps as usual, and the guards triggered them... but weren't instantly knocked out! Instead they were dazed - stuck standing in place semi-conscious during which I could walk up to them and disable them just as if I'd managed to sneak up behind them. After a few seconds, they returned back to normal and started pursuing me again.
  12. One could say the same about plenty of other things, so it's best not to get too caught up in the ridiculousness of some of the elements. For instance, a full-blown assault on ANY embassy (particularly the US embassy - but the same applies to any embassy) in downtown Moscow would work quite a bit differently than shown in the game. While Russian law enforcement and troops wouldn't be allowed to enter the grounds of the embassy (it's considered US territory, after all), within minutes of the start of the assault the grounds would be surrounded by Russian police backed up by the local SWAT equivalents cutting off any enemy reinforcements (such as the second wave of troops during the courtyard fight). Civilians should be spotted running to and fro (there are always a few staffers working even late at night). And aircraft would be up in the air patrolling for things like the helicopter that drops troops into the upper level of the embassy. But the rule of cool applies, and therefore the niggling details get ignored for the most part because of that.
  13. Speaking of which, one of the things that bugs me is trying to figure out why G-22 does that. I can figure out why VCI might want to (i.e. Halbach using the organization to attempt to get rid of loose-end Surkov before he talks to you). But I can't come up with any rationale for why G-22 would want to go after Surkov right after Albatross all but demands you let him act as your handler for the mission to go talk to Surkov. "I demand that you take me with you when you go talk to Surkov." "No, thanks. I prefer trigger-happy blondes who don't completely cut my regular handler out of the conversation." "Fine. We'll just shoot the place up and try to kill Surkov before you can talk to him. Hah!" "Wait... what?"
  14. The thing is, the game has to cater toward at least a minimum number of players. And in order to do so, it has to remain focused on espionage and not "How to romance blond ex-Stasi agents". That's not to say that I might not like a game that focused on romancing a blonde ex-Stasi agent. But that's not what this particular game was billed as. Nor was it billed as a dating simulator. So things work the way that they do. And since Jaheira (who, it should be noted, was strongly disliked personality-wise by many players in the first game) has been brought up, it's probably worth pointing out that similar complaints were made with her romance. Plenty of people noted that her husband's body was barely cold before she was hitting on you. But unfortunately that's just the way that the sub-plot needed to progress in order to ensure that the player got through the whole thing before he finished the game. Somewhat similar to how Aerie, iirc, managed to have the fastest pregnancy on record in the expansion... (I was always a Viconia fan myself)
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