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  1. Smallville is new through February and Lost isn
  2. We also got a flashback from Kate. She was in on a job robbing a bank. Kate wanted something from a safe deposit box. Then she finds
  3. I talked to GO-TO after getting the hut to deal with telos and he told me that that didnt solve the situation, it was only temporary. Probably something else that was taken out of the game.
  4. How is this fair? Are you saying the PC'rs wouldnt have been excited if they were going to get the game before the xboxers. I think all xboxers would agree they would rather have a finished than be tricked into buying a game that isnt finished. Saying its fair because xboxers get a game early so its ok that its unfinished is just ridicules. Sure PCers will love it but xboxers shouldnt ever buy another game with the obsidian label on it.
  5. Will all this bring back Will nonscence stop. I think he was the weakest character in television history. As for killing Vaughn, i dont know. Not really a big fan of his either, but i think he fits in the show better than Will. Something i would love to see is having Vaughn being an undercover agent for "The Man" or something. That would make for an easier working relationship for them, since rumors are they cant stand each other.
  6. Give in to the Will <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not a chance. Will Tippen is easily one of the lamest characters in television history.
  7. Got 56 now after my second playthrough, one ds and one ls.
  8. Don't understand why anyone would say Troy could be the best movie this year, or any year. Garden State, that was a good movie. Dodgeball was also good. White Goodman "That
  9. No, whatever they do, dont bring Will back. BTW, is Syd. still in college, what happened with that storyline. I think putting Alias after Lost is gonna save the show. Lost is such a big hit, im sure people will stick around to see what else J.J. Abrams has been doing. Did anyone see the TV Guide article with Evangline Lilly, those were juicy details.
  10. From what ESPN has said those three are all quality guys. Miss what's going on in the clubhouse, lol, you arnt in the chicagoland area, everything the cubs do ends up on tv, radio, or paper. Sosa leaving games early, players calling up the broadcasters booth (because they dont like how the broadcaster is criticizing their play). May just be hear, but its crazy.
  11. Go Blue!!!! Auburn is the one really getting screwed. There is really 3 teams that have legitimate claims at the #1 spot. Utah, Bosie St. and those other small schools just dont belong, they are not in as tough of confrences as Big 10, SEC, or Big 12. It seams like evey year we are in the same situation. They really need to do something where at the end of the year we dont end up with more than one undefeated team from a major conference.
  12. Why didnt Beane deal Zito, he has the highest perceived value against real value.
  13. Boiler, on your post with all the influence options, I got a different reaction on one of them. On the ravager with Mandalore, when you encounter Tobin if you kill him you gain influence and he says Tobin had it coming.
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