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[pWIKI] Influence Guide

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A way to get influence with HK is when you are in the Jedi Enclave. When you go to rescue the trapped guy just kill him to get the lightsaber parts and HK will say something akin to Master you make my hate sensors glow, its pretty funny. On a sidenote if you do what I said with Kriea in your party you will loose influence... I'm not sure why, she's an evil bitch, she used to be Sith. >_< hope that helps




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I'm playing my second game of KOTOR2 (LS Consular this time). The first time, I hit Nar Shadaa last of the planets (several walkthroughs that I've seen indicate that it's the toughest of the 4), but this time I went there first, and I've found that to be an excellent idea as far as raising influence for Atton, Handmaiden, Bao-Dur, and Kreia. I've managed to raise my influence with all of these characters to 100 and I haven't even made it to Goto's yacht yet. This makes it much easier to turn these NPC's into Jedi fairly early (except Kreia of course). Nar Shadaa can be pretty tough, but if you can make it the rewards in NPC influence are well worth the trouble. In my last game it took at least 2 to 3 planets to turn these characters to Jedi, and I'm making amazing headway so far. Just a suggestion.

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I always remove Kreia just before any of these.


Going to get your stuff back: Kill the thugs and the the Victim.

Apartment A2: loot the footlocker and kill the owner.

Opo Chano (droid part seller) (either LS or DS path)

Czerka path: Kill him for the money.

Ithorians path: Kill him after going to Chodo for $2,500 and get Credentials off body.

Kill the lady at the exchange entrance on the way out.






Kil the mechanic at the landing pad. (he usually says "That was Fun")

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i couldn't figure out how to get bao-dur influence just after landing on nar shadaa and stopping the 2 thugs from beating up the civillian. i tried it with him alone in my party and i also switched up the responses, but i couldn't figure it out. anybody have any ideas what i might be doing wrong?




P.S. shameless bump! :D

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On Nar Shaddaa, you've got two exchange thugs ruffing up a civillian right by the landing pad. Doing the right thing by telling them to leave the guy alone gains influence with Bao Dur.


I believe a similar situation happens with Atton...again on Nar Shaddaa. After killing the thugs (this time ruffing up the man who says you have his down payment, iirc) he makes a comment on the Jedi code and choosing the goody-goody lightside option results in an influence gain.


neither of these work...on the second one atton tells you that you should be keeping a low profile

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Mandalore influence:  I finally got Mandalore to cough up his history with Revan.  Since I guess I'm not the only one to struggle with Mandalore, I thought I'd share how I did it before I forgot.  Except for the 2nd trip to Onderon, where Kreia insists on coming along, Mandalore was the only other person in my party.   


Onderon:  Told Pondar (market square haranguer) that the queen should follow the will of her people.  Talked to Anda and agreed to deal with the 3 captains.  Mandalore recommended supporting Vaklu and I agreed.  (Received influence.)  Saw Pondar later, egged him on to attack the palace.  Told Mandalore that it was a way of letting Vaklu know we wanted to work with him.  (Received influence.)  I also chose Vaklu-friendly responses and did everything else Mandalore told me to do, but I didn't receive any more influence on the 1st trip to Onderon. 


Dantooine:  made sure I was holding my lightsaber when I approached the mechanic near the Ebon Hawk.  He freaks out and I kill him.  Mandalore says he had it coming.  (Received influence.)  Sided with the Administrator, fixed the droids in Khoonda and found Akkare's hydrospanner.  Confronted Akkare with it and told him I was turning him in.  He attacked, I killed him, and Mandalore says something like that will shut them up.  (Received influence.) 


(Before returning to Onderon, recruited Mandaloreans from Dantooine and Nar Shadaa.  Didn't receive influence, but I thought it might be necessary since Mandalore starts his revelations with "since you helped me gather the clans.")


Return to Dxun-Onderon:  If I remember correctly, you have a lot of dialogue before you get any feedback on influence, so I'm not sure which of these responses gave me influence.  On Dxun, I said "I get to ride in a Basilisk?"  After landing on Onderon, agreed with Mandalore twice about the impression Mandaloreans made and that they're remembered.  Told Tobin that using the Basilsk was convenient.  (At the end of the conversation with Tobin I received influence.)  Before starting the attack on the sky ramp, I talked to Mandalore and he told me his history with Revan. 


Hope this doesn't just repeat info that's available elsewhere, but I didn't see it laid out this way in this thread. 




I recently started a game with the sole purpose of getting max influence and conversations with Mandalore, so this helps. Thanks.


On Dantooine, you can repair the droids and have them help the mercs, if you want to get the experience for most of the defense quests and still do the planet dark side, in case anyone didn't know.


Also on Onderon, in Iziz the first time, when you ask Dhagon Gent to set up a meeting with Kavar, make sure you have only Mandalore. When he says not to kill non-combatants, I agreed, because I'm pretty sure that you lose influence with him if you disagree. I got some LS points, no biggy. But when Tobin offers you an alliance with Vaklu (assuming you have done it that way), Mandalore will urge you to accept, saying that Vaklu is a "political animal", but his word is good. If you tell Mandalore that it would make your decision easier if he will vouch for Vaklu, then agree to the alliance, you will gain influence.


On Nar Shadaa, where I'm at now, I was unable to gain any influence with Mandalore in the starting hub area, but if you end up helping the man who is being pushed around by thugs in near the pit (which you can get the thugs to jump into with Force Persuade), even if you weren't really trying to help, you wil lose influence.


In the docks area, I was able to get influence for killing the Ithorian (which means you can't finish the air speeder in the Refugee Sector, be warned) and also for killing the Lunar Shadow crewmen (which you can't do if you find their captain for them). Doing the quests for them didn't cause me to lose influence, but I didn't try getting Odis a job with the Lunar Shadow.


Hope this helps Mandalore fans.



After this I ran into what I think is a glitch or maybe the maximum influence you can get for Mandalore, or the maximum you can get from non Mandalore-specific encounters, I don't know. After killing the Lunar Shadow crew, I had enough influence to ask Mandalore how he became Mandalore (which I believe is the third conversation you unlock based on influence). Then I went to Lootra to see what I could do there. I didn't lose influence from either getting Lootra to give up his search or from completing the quest. But when I killed Lootra, rather than giving me the expected "Influence Gained: Mandalore" blurb, there was a weird camera hiccup, and nothing happened. I reloaded the saved game and tried again, and the same thing happened. I figured it was no big deal, and went on to the Refugee Sector. Once there I tried some stuff with Geriel, the sick refugee. I lost influence for healing him, but when I convinced him to commit suicide, the camera did that weird hiccup again, and I didn't gain influence with Mandalore (who is my only party member). Since it happened after more than one encounter, I figured maybe there was a glitch or something involved with Mandalore's influence. Have I unlocked all of Mandalore's conversations, or do I have to wait until some situation where I can get influence only with him? Or is this a glitch of some kind? I have the game on Xbox, so I probably can't do anything to fix a glitch, but I would really appreciate knowing as much as possible. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a bit off topic.

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I wasn't able to link directly to the page, apparenty they got tired of people doing that, but I was able to look around and find an influence guide, which was helpful. Looks like I have max influence with Mandalore then. It seemed like he had more to say, and he's a good character, so I'll keep him around and see if I can't get any more influence, or just funny lines. If not, maybe I'll take HK when I get him. :luck: Thanks Calax.

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I wasn't able to link directly to the page, apparenty they got tired of people doing that, but I was able to look around and find an influence guide, which was helpful. Looks like I have max influence with Mandalore then. It seemed like he had more to say, and he's a good character, so I'll keep him around and see if I can't get any more influence, or just funny lines. If not, maybe I'll take HK when I get him. :ermm:  Thanks Calax.

It works perfectly, I just tried. And so you know any game that you need help with you should look in gamefaqs first.

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


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