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  1. I wasn't able to link directly to the page, apparenty they got tired of people doing that, but I was able to look around and find an influence guide, which was helpful. Looks like I have max influence with Mandalore then. It seemed like he had more to say, and he's a good character, so I'll keep him around and see if I can't get any more influence, or just funny lines. If not, maybe I'll take HK when I get him. Thanks Calax.
  2. I recently started a game with the sole purpose of getting max influence and conversations with Mandalore, so this helps. Thanks. On Dantooine, you can repair the droids and have them help the mercs, if you want to get the experience for most of the defense quests and still do the planet dark side, in case anyone didn't know. Also on Onderon, in Iziz the first time, when you ask Dhagon Gent to set up a meeting with Kavar, make sure you have only Mandalore. When he says not to kill non-combatants, I agreed, because I'm pretty sure that you lose influence with him if you disagree. I got
  3. It's possible the damage to Revan's mind also affected other parts of his brain, but you make a good point. Personally, I think that Revan would not have been trained in Sith combat techniques for exactly the reason you mention. And Revan was trained as a Jedi the first time around at about the normal age for new students, right? So it's not like there would be any real drawback to Revan from not training in Sith fighting styles. He would have been taught how to fight by the Jedi, thus learning their strengths and weaknesses from the source, which would be the point. And when you start the
  4. Revan remebers more as time goes on, so it doesn't surprise me that the presence of the Star Map on Dantooine, like Bastila's proximity, triggers some memories but leaves others dormant. But I meant that I thought it highly unlikely that the Jedi Council could have just taken a stroll through Revan's psyche to look for and weed out memories. If they could do that, then they would have just found out where the Star Forge was, and the whole game would never have happened. Yes, secret indentities are very helpful. But I get the idea that taking a Sith name is more a sign of your arrival
  5. As early as the trial of the returning Exile, we can see that Atris is unforgiving and too easily swayed by her emotions. And she alone of the Council thinks the Exile has fallen to the dark side, though the other masters percieve the truth more fully. Perhaps, like Kreia before her, she had the wisdom to see that the Jedi Code didn't really cover all the bases. I also get the distinct impression that Atris deliberately leeked the information about the upcoming Jedi meeting on Katarr to the Sith in an effort to flush them out, entirely without the knowledge of the rest of the Council and a
  6. I don't know if Vrook is the best master (although he is the toughest in combat, strangely) but he is a great character. I like him because he is so much like a normal person. Atris is well on her way down the dark path, but Vrook isn't really evil. However, of all the Jedi masters you seek out, he has the most glaring personal flaws. When the little blurbs pop up during loading and mention how some Jedi blame the Council for the Jedi Civil War, when Atton and Disciple talk about Jedi arrogance, I get the feeling that Vrook is supposed to embody those flaws, the removal of the Jedi from the "c
  7. Kreia's such a great character. As good as most of the characters were in KotOR, many characters in TSL are even better, and Kreia is easily one of the best. She has dept and subtly, she lies to you and reveals deep truths to you, and she adds depth and choice to how you can play a dark sider character. Not to mention the voice acting. But she is distinctly different than Malak. There's no doubt that Malak made his choice when he went to the dark side, but at the LS end of KotOR, he seems to have a little regret for what he did. Not like Ajunta Pal, I don't think he was really redeemed, bu
  8. Well, Baor-Dur's arm makes him pretty potent as an unarmed fighter, which is good when you first get him earlier on. Later it becomes less useful, what with better guns and lightsabers, but it's still cool. I just wish that they had made it a solid object, rather than putting the glowy light in the elbow. That way, I think that he could have used the same basic clothing/armor look, but maybe just with an oversized machanical hand taking the place of the glove that is normally shown. Then he might have been able to wear robes. Still, he looks bad-ass in Krath Holy Battle Armor, and he doesn't r
  9. You're assuming that the Jedi Council could have known that Revan had such memories. Carth says that the Force can "... wipe away your memories and destroy your very identity." Not that Carth is really the authority here or anything, but it seems perfectly plausible that when Revan's mind was destroyed by Malak and/or wiped by the Jedi Council, and then replaced, that there would not have been anything that the Jedi could identify. Indeed, I doubt that creating a new persona is something the Jedi would do without great need and deliberation, so it's not like you would expect them to have much
  10. I agree with Jediphile, one of the things I like the most about TSL is how it takes what sounded like clear-cut ideas form KotOR, including the apparent total victory of whichever side Revan ended up on, and introduced a "reality check" of sorts, bringing all manner of things back up for debate is a way that not only served the story, but also helped to build deeper characters. It makes you think about things, which is why I am obsessed enough to still be thinking about it and playing it months after I first finished it. I find TSL has more replay value than KotOR, quite an accomplishment.
  11. Hanharr indeed rocks. I get the feeling he's Force sensative, but not enought to be a Jedi. In this game at least. What I really like is how your conversations with Hanharr lead to a fuller understanding of the Force (and Kreia too), and not just in the way that Kreia intends. From talking with Hanharr, I came to realize Kreia is wrong when she says that the Force has a will. It doesn't have a will, it has many urges, impulses. Like in KotOR, when Carth says to female Revan, that it almost seems like there is something out there stalking Jedi, waiting to turn them to evil. Those strong i
  12. Kreia embraced the dark side, and now you have no more Force bond? That doesn't make any sense, especially if your character is also steeped in the power of the dark side. I have to say I agree with those who feel that the Exile's bond with Kreia was never a fatal one. We know there is a Force bond, that's not really a question, what with the Force chain and mentor feats Kreia has. Indeed, it would be weird to argue that you can bond with a Force-sensative wookiee and a bevy of Lost Jedi, but not Kreia. But consider these ideas, if you will. Kreia tells us that Revan studied Force bond
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