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  1. How do you complete the Jedi Redemption Quest on Dantooine? Whenever I play LS, I'm never able to wipe this one out. SORRY, just realized I posted this in the wrong place (should have been in Spoilers), and found the answer (kinda) anyway.
  2. I'm playing my second game of KOTOR2 (LS Consular this time). The first time, I hit Nar Shadaa last of the planets (several walkthroughs that I've seen indicate that it's the toughest of the 4), but this time I went there first, and I've found that to be an excellent idea as far as raising influence for Atton, Handmaiden, Bao-Dur, and Kreia. I've managed to raise my influence with all of these characters to 100 and I haven't even made it to Goto's yacht yet. This makes it much easier to turn these NPC's into Jedi fairly early (except Kreia of course). Nar Shadaa can be pretty tough, but if
  3. Nevermind, while searching through the ton of posts on this subject I found the answers that I needed.
  4. I've tried a search on this, but I'm getting way too much information in response. Can anybody give me a quick rundown of what it takes to get Bao-Dur, Atton, and the Handmaiden to begin training as Jedi? I was able to make Disciple a Jedi almost immediately when I played a female character, but now I'm playing a male and I just don't know how to get those three to start using the force.
  5. I played a partial game, then restarted. I've currently finished most of the Telos quests (including meeting creepy Atris and her creepy friends), but I apparently did not complete the TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals quest. I ran into the criminals in the Czerka office, and completely (I think) cleared out the Czerka installation on the ground, but somehow I missed the two escapees. I went back through the ground game, using one of my savegames, but I still can't find them. I remember that I did complete this quest successfully in my first game, but I don't know what I've done wrong this ti
  6. I'm curious about what particular actions will increase influence with the NPC's. I'm a bit early in the game, (don't worry, spoilers won't scare me). I try to talk to Kreia, but every time I do, I give the respectful but Light side answers to her questions. And I lose influence with her each time. I know she's straddling the fence as far as Light/Dark goes, but I just don't get it. I remember seeing a site with hints on the actions and behaviours that would influence each of the NPC's, but I don't remember how to find it and I didn't bookmark it. If anyone has seen this also, please sho
  7. I've now installed the game twice, and updated to the most recent patch. Each time, when I open the game for the first time, the game takes up the entire screen (like the original KOTOR). Each time after the first time that I re-start the game, it displays in a regular window with the normal window border at the top and the taskbar at the bottom. These window borders completely block the menu and mode buttons, and mostly obscure the portrait of the leading character. I've tried right-clicking on the game icon, going to properties, but there is no option there to run the game in full-screen
  8. Problem solved. I exchanged the copy I had purchased for another copy, installed the new copy, and everything if ok.
  9. I purchased the game at a Wal-Mart in the USA (SC, to be exact). It's not the files on the hard drive that are corrupt, it seems to be the files on Disk #1. I'm going to exchange the game tonight to see if the new copy has the same problems.
  10. When I try to install the most recent patch, the upgrade won't complete. I get the error message, "old file not found", when the patch is trying to update the manual.pdf file. I should note that when I first installed the game, the readme.txt file could not be found when I checked the box to open it up at the end of installation. When I opened up Disk 1, I found the readme and the manual files under the docs folder, but I was unable to copy these two files to my hard drive (they're corrupted). Is there any way that someone could send me uncorrupted copies of these two files, as well as the
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