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  1. In hell!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I find that to be quite unlikely but nevertheless I will take a look
  2. Where are the power cells for the air speeder on Nar Shadaa?
  3. Whats this talk about influence gaining events that you can do over and over for influence? I did the "whats wrong with your eyes" thing with Kreia and the "I'll let the master handle this" thing with Atton but both only allowed me to do them once
  4. Hmmmm....to me it seemed like the ratios of minorities and females in this game were pretty well done....but for the other arguments I think youll find little opposition here....there is no doubt the game needed a lot more polishing
  5. Atton will get knocked out, but he will quickly get back up. And you misunderstood the thing about Kreia, but it is true. Whatever force powers get cast on her also gets cast on the main character. Laster on as she levels up it ends up being the whole party. Its called Force Chain. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not in my experience....but perhaps its a bug in my game....I also cant get Kreias ability to work
  6. I know that Atton CAN die even if he's not the last living member....and I am also pretty sure the thing with Kreia is incorrect because she has used some spells that I dont even know and I didnt cast them at the same time
  7. many people have avatars of her....she's the white haired one usually on a blue background with a white robe
  8. Indeed....Bao is quite a sticky widget....its hard to say what responses will get influence and which will just bring silence....at least Atton hasnt stopped talking to me yet....then again all he wants to do so far is play pazaak....and not very well I might add
  9. And I just thought I'd add that you donthave to kill the big group of jedi to progress....I got wooped and was still able to continue with the cave
  10. Influence: Success....I though it was a nice touch....not everyone should tell you their life story unless they like you
  11. There was the gray robe that Jolee probably wouldve liked but I know it didnt have anywhere near 30 defense...I've never heard of anything called the Bindo Robe
  12. Grenn is still there so it seems like it'd be possible but I havent tried
  13. I think he is no matter what you choose
  14. Well they have more stuff that supposedly belonged to jedi like Jolee or Exar Kun but just no other lightsabers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> could you ummmm tell me what we get that was jolee's? he was one of my favorite npcs in the original . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not sure....its called something like Bindo's Visor and all it does is raise your persuade and charisma by 1 I belive....I found it twice though....I think I found it once on Nar Shadaa but the finding it twice thing leads me to believe its random
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