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Calimport anyone????


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South of Amn and Tethyr... you can just spot the upper half of the name down there towards the bottom.




“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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dont care too much for that cespool of corruption.


tethyr would do better imo.

but each to their own though.

some would prefer karatur

some would prefer cormyr

some would like Silverymoon and the silver marches

some would like baldur's gate again

some would like the unaproacheable east.(any location of there in)

some wouldlike the shining south(anyplace therein)

some would like to go back to icewind dale.

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Where did the original Pool of Radiance take place? I kind of liked the map that followed with that game. According to that map, the city of Phlan was located to the north of a great sea, but the map showed areas south and east of the sea too.. I remember wanting to be able to travel to all those countries in the sequels to Pool of Radiance, but unfortunately that never happened.


Found a crappy map that shows the area I'm referring to.. Moonsea?


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My vision for NWN2 after release is this:


Expansion pack 1


NWN2: Icewind Dale

After you campaign in the Neverwinter and Luskan area, you travel north for new adventures in Icewind Dale. Conveniently, it is located just north, so they could be placed on the same world map. The first chapter would involve your quest through the dangerous passes of the Spine of The World. Would satisfy all those people who want an IWD3. Would also be a good opportunity to include winter/arctic content that probably won't be in the original release.


Second expansion would either be in Calimport (you get there by boat), in the Planes, or in the Old Empires (Mulhorand or Unther) which hasn't been done yet. Anything but the Underdark again.


Preferably the game should have more than 2 expansions!

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Calimshan, and its main city Calimport is awesome. Imagine a city where over half the population are slaves. Though; I'd imagine PCs who like gnomes and halflings would not appreciate being considered less than nothing.


Calimshan, if done proper, would probably make people think twice before accusing FR of being 'Happy Happy Land'. It really is a desloate place.




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