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  1. Sorry, I've been commenting about NWN 2 on the Bioware Boards as of late but when I stopped by and saw that little comic, I had to comment on it.
  2. That little comic is such utter rubbish. It's not really about D&D at all; it's just another ruse to spam religion.
  3. I went to the site, and poked around but didn't really find much of an answer there. Why, exactly, was WISH cancelled? Do we have any specifics rather than the brief mention on the site?
  4. Hell No! We Won't Go! ... Oh, who am I trying to kid. It's not going to make a damn bit of difference. <still camping in pitched tent>
  5. Whoever said "size doesn't matter" was lying!!! What?
  6. NWN2: Icewind Dale? Not to say that I wouldn't enjoy playing your supposed expansion pack, but this seems a little unoriginal and a little bit to cliche. I wish they would make an expansion for the old Bloodstone modules!
  7. Baldur's Gate (with Tales of the Swordcoast Expansion) Baldur's Gate 2 (with Throne of Bhaal Expansion) Whatever happened to games that allow you to continue your journey in the expansions?
  8. I really like the 'Dorf'. However, could you try drawing one that is a little more puntable? "
  9. I have no desire to visit the Bioware Forums. I always avoided them in preference of the NW Vault. I truly have nothing against Bioware, but I could really care less for their boards. I feel that we had a good thing going here and now a lot of people are upset. I just hope that this does not adversely affect the development of NWN 2. Time will tell. I would much rather hang out here and talk about anything else than waste my time on the Bioware Boards. And I still have an account there. Edit: I am really trying to be constructive, but I can't restrain myself at this point and
  10. I got to reading everybody else's posts and realized that I haven't really told you all a whole lot about my style of play. Allow me to rectify that: Am I a powergamer or a roleplayer? This is a very touchy subject for some and even more touchy for others. If I say that I'm a powergamer I will be frowned upon by the half of the community that are avid roleplayers. If I say I am a roleplayer, then all of the powergamers will have their own opinion of me as well. Let me be as honest as I can be within the confines of time, the inability for any of you to see my facial expressions
  11. WoTC needs to allow somebody to make a game using the material in the Book of Vile Darkness.
  12. They had to shave his head when they performed the operation... ... after that tremendous blow to his head.
  13. The only quality part of the Neverwinter Nights Campaign was the Final Chapter of Hordes of the Underdark. Truly bizarre, innovative, creative and original. The rest of the game was rubbish.
  14. :"> Aah... You shouldn't have. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy all of a sudden. :"> No but seriously, I like the community here as well. I enjoy posting my own ideas and also like listening to everybody else's. I think we have a really good community here. I know that I am kind of new to these boards compared to some people (Ahem... Enderwiggin), but I am by no means new to the D&D game. What I like most about the forums here is that there is a good mix of intelligent opinions, that many times conflict but will ultimately lead to better game development.
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