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  1. I am looking for the writting guide lines and judgeing rules for the old arena style role playing.. where the posts would be judged on style and content. The participants would take turns writting actions in battle for 6 rounds and at the end the winner was declared by the judge. Points given for style, comprehensiveness and avoiding "Cheese"(Making the other players character take actions.... Any help would be welcome.
  2. I figure it cannot hurt to ask.. They can say: "No." ; "Not unless you want to pay for them." ; "Sure, Just give us credit." (This last is unlikely though)
  3. I am wanting to create my own game and was wondering if I would be able to use the music from IWD and subsequent titles seeing as BlackIsle Studios and Interplay are no more. I understand copyrights and such make it questionable. Thanks for your attention.
  4. I am sadly disappointed in the choices of MMOs at present and thought that WISH provided a promise of a good game. I placed a petition online, not sure if it would do any good but here it is: http://www.petitiononline.com/WISH0RTN/petition.html Please stop by and sign if you WISH.
  5. From WISH? http://www.mutablerealms.com/
  6. Project Wish This is a community Project brought about by the cancellation of a VERY promising Ultra Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game: WISH By MutableRealms I had the privilege to play in the Beta 2.0 for WISH. While it did have some problems it was in Beta stage. WISH was cancelled after only 9 days
  7. How about Boundless-Adventures: Boundless-Adventures I would have mentioned WISH but MutableRealms Cancelled it 9 days into Beta 2.0
  8. Howlin

    George Lucas

    This is the probably most important.
  9. I moved for my current job. After close to two month of unemployment, I was ready to take a job weilding a staple gun at a mobile home plant.
  10. Howlin


    Hello KK. Hope to see more of your posts with zero post count.
  11. Isn't that also the claim of George and the other rightists? A strange position for those who claim to be Christians. The problem is the winners usually write history.... Have to wait and see.
  12. In the second article you linked to, the excerpt seems likely. They (AQ and associated factions) just have to wait for elections in the democratic countries. There one coming up in the US. When are they in the other countries supporting the US?
  13. I agree with the general feelings here. The withdrawl of support now will give weight to AQ's claims that the ends justify the means. How long until the other smaller terror networks take heart from Spains actions and recommence their own little terror wars?
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