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No Updates on the Oficial Site

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More than likely there wont be any info released before the new Strategy Guide comes out on the 30th. That way they can make as much money as possible off of the sales.

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Yeah! when on earth are they gonig to release more wallpapers on the site...the game is *surpose* to be released on December 6th isnt it? that what I was saying....Lucasarts are the best gaming site on the earth....but they are very slow in up dating.....why can't they up date daily at all?

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No need for any more updates, it's released within a month afterall.

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*Not content hates waiting, hates living in Australia, is glad George Bush won you damn American getting Sith Lords before me bastards* :(


I just want some more general details fleshed out, wouldn't mind a leeeetle section about prestige classes.


Least they can give me seen as I have to wait all etertinty or till Feb or whatever.

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Exactly! The game is almost here, at least for the Xboxers :p . I would understand the PC gamers complaining but the Xboxers should be content with what they have, I sure am. Just 27 days.




Game is nearlly here for the xboxers???.....well for the american xboxers yes!....but not for the international xboxers yet... :-



we intertional xboxers have to wait till Febuary unfortunely.... :(


but the americans get to play kotor 2 in december.....i dont mind though :)




im not trying to be rude or any thing...im just stating fact that the internationals have to wait too like PC players

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Heh. Not all of us americans are Potatoes and Televisions, you know? :-


Some of us are in the same situation you international X-boxers are. :( We're not all lucky like some of our rich bretheren who can afford an X-box. <_<


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