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lightsaber hilts

Should we have a variety of lightsaber hilts?  

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  1. 1. Should we have a variety of lightsaber hilts?

    • yes
    • no
    • I don't care
    • I'm not buying the game anyway

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For me, new moves and items are cool but they are secondary, they are not what makes the game. I really hope they did not sacrifice the story, the side quests and the dialogues just to add more goodies to the game, i don't really care about having an extended wardrobe and a multitude of saber hilts in a game .

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How hard/Time consuming could this be when making a game?,  if the makers of the game can't be bothered they should just say so and cut the BS.


They HAVE said so. They said no new hilts. And I'm guessing it's more to do with what the engine can handle, rather than time consuming.

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It might not be hard to impliment but in some situations custom weapons can cause problems especially if there multiplayer theres been game know to make custom weapons blue print cause and advantage to players before, i dont know if this is a big deal in Kotor2 since i doubt it have multiplayer option.


But custom items can cause problems with balance things if you are allowed to make own blue prints, but anyways a simple texture option might not cause problems however.


But if developers said no that gotta be there final then :cool:

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haha u guys need to look at the newer images on ign and the kotor2 website, it clearly shows a darkside female with a yellow regular saber and a blue lightsaber with a CURVED HILT, i put up a post aboot this a couple days ago. the link to the pic i think is in it, or just look at the kotor2 lightsabers header at the obsidian front page and look at the images

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And as was explained to you then, it will be explained to you again. This 'curved hilt' is truly nothing of the sort. It is a normal hilt at a diagonal. The effect is produced by the shot being taken as the lightsaber is moving.

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How does this never get put to rest?

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