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Darth Sion

What planet do you meet Sion on?  

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  1. 1. What planet do you meet Sion on?

    • Telos
    • Dxun
    • Onderon
    • Korriban
    • Dantooine
    • Nar Shadaa
    • Peragus

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Its been said you meet him underground by a game informer magazine. So that rules out Citadel Station. I'm wondering what planet do you guys think you first meet Sion on. I'm guessing Peragus because you first start out in that area and I think since there are three sith lords in this game they will have to introduce them earlier.

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"Which NPC will heroically rush into a fight with Sion and get captured? I'm betting first on Kreia then Atris"


ROFL!! i hated that part in KOTOR.I will take that be Darth Ni...I put me loot on Atris


Yeah that part in KOTOR was dumb, especially when my character was totally killing Malak.


But maybe for the Sion encounters the environment saves the characters and not themselves? I just have this picture of the mining facility falling on sion then the characters leave and then he gets out.

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Ok, so now we will be at the edge of killing Darth Sion 2 times ( I doubt than anyone could beat him on Peragus) and we may loose some party members on the way... <_<


maybe Bao Dur looses his hand >_<

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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Since Peragus is a mining station, i would be plausible to meet him down in the mines.

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