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Name Meanings

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Please don't kill me or anything but I am courious about alot of the character names. And what they mean. I remember some topics have the names when disscusing the character but I want to know about them all. Such as Revan, Malak, Sion and Nihilis.


If theards a thread like this I didn't see, please link to it.

Evolutionary Development

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there isn't a spesific thread but people have been speculating (making educated guesses rather) about these names on all sorts of threads until a while ago. I wrote a couple of things myself but I'm too lazy to repeat it here.


Searching could help but I know it's too toilsome....anyway...It was the forum member Maria Caliban whp wrote an interesting post on the names 'Revan' and 'Malak'.


an Italian guy said that 'Palpatine' means to grab -but with sexual connotations- in Italian


a 'Malak' in turkish is a buffalo calf, by the way.

Zwangvolle Plage!


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Your name was spoken in KotOR just never in Basic only in Ithorian, Rodian (w/e thier language is) etc. :)


Anyways, it is fairly easy to get the computer to prononuce the word but it may be prononuced wrong and ofcourse, the voice may have to be changed. It adds too many complications but, it would be a cool feature nevertheless.

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actually Malak means angel in Arabic ..




well Sion is close to the word Zion

(from Wikipedia)

Zion or Tzion (ציון "Height", Standard Hebrew Ẓiyyon, Tiberian Hebrew Ṣiyy

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and bear in mind these are just guesses .. :p


and Juhani is a finnish name from John .. (its actually a boys name) :)

and John comes from hebrew Yochanan which means "Yahweh is gracious" ..


according to an website I found .. Carth originates from swedish which means "Earth" .. but I'm not familiar with that word (I'm from Denmark neighbour to Sweden)


maybe Revan comes from Revamp .. which means "to do again" or "patch up" ?


And Jolee could be from Jolie which means "pretty" in french! :) or from hebrew Jael which means "mountain goat" (more likely) hehe


and candorous is probalby from candour which means sincerity ..


and Saul is a Hebrew name, Sha'ul which meant "asked for" or "prayed for.

and karath could be derived from Arabic khayra meaning "good deed".

so his name would be "praying for good deeds" or something ?




If I think of anything else I will post .. or tell me to shut up if I'm totally wrong! :D


- Rosbjerg

Fortune favors the bald.

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