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  1. sadly,annoyingly,yes it does.for breakdown it always goes by leader's skill,while creation relies on the skills of the person youre usin to create items.
  2. ive found all of them,but several of those are very hard to find.
  3. naw,just go to the jedi enclave on dantooine then.
  4. i didnt know that if you filled all nine card slots you won automatically. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yep.thats one of my key strategies.:D
  5. master vandar in a holo recordin on dantooine.fix the droid on the landin pad and follow the jedi dialogue.
  6. yeah,bronze is sweet. :D only got it once,and on my first time through,though.
  7. yeah,once she stops talkin to you she wont ever talk to you again other than that same phrase,with the exception of after the second visit to telos.to keep it from happenin again:
  8. handmaiden tells you her name after the events of the second telos trip,before you leave.
  9. thats a pretty good idea.maybe for k3.... :D
  10. it seems that the more influence you have the more you can affect those youve influenced,alignment wise.and the class you choose can also have some effect to how much influence you can gain each time you influence them.
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