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KOTOR2 Merchandise

What "merchandise" (like a shirt or keychain) should come with KOTOR2?  

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  1. 1. What "merchandise" (like a shirt or keychain) should come with KOTOR2?

    • A red lightsaber keychain
    • A T-Shirt with the KOTOR2 box art on the front
    • An MSG figurine
    • A poster for the upcoming Star Wars Ep. III "Revenge of the Sith"
    • A blow-up Atris doll
    • A blow-up Atton Rand doll (for women)
    • A blow-up Darth Sion doll (for weirdos)
    • Two words: Jedi U-DO *
    • Other (please specify)
    • None; only the game & instruction manual are needed

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I remember one of the Jedi Knight games came with a lightsaber keychain in one of the boxes. What KOTOR2 merchandise might LucasArts put in the box, or at least what you'd like them to put in the box?


* If you ever played Xenosaga on the PS2 you might know what option #8 means. Just don't ask how they'd get it into the box or what'll do.......... :):):p

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An msg figurine would be pretty cool. I used to collect SW figurines when I was little. I had a rubber luke, and he somehow got into the washing machine. :lol: He never quite looked the same, and his lightsaber looks quite limp now.


I collect figurines. Or random things. From cons. It'd be nice to have a KOTOR one to add to the collection.


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they should have issued a KOTOR pre order-special edition package. Liek Bungie did for Halo 2...its a money maker for osidian, and also it would intrigue fans, you shouldnt get anything just for buying the game regualarly; but if they did a pre-order thing it would be neat if you got a keychain, but clothing and stuff is jsut dumb.


Maybe a book or something if you preordered it. a SIGNED book of shatter point or something I dont know...


Anyone else think a Pre-order would have been good and would have been a good way to give out the above mentioned merchandise?

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I would like to see a "making of Kotor - TSL" DVD. I think it would be cool learning how they came up with the story, new characters, feats and things of that nature. Also, any other tid bits they might want to give us....like maybe a hint at Kotor 3??? What do you guys/gals think?

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