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weapons holstered instead of in hand all the time

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Hello :)


I was always irritated by the fact that my Characters in KOTOR I were carrying their weapons in hand even when they were not in combat.


It just takes something from the RP Atmosphere of the game... (ok its my opinion, please dont flame me for that hehe)



However, can we please change that in KOTOR II: TSL, so that your characters draw their weapons only when they intend to use them?


I would especially like to see a lightsaber hanging from the belt when not used in combat or whatever.


Personally I dont even expect an animation for drawing the weapon, it can just appear in hand for combat if you ask me :) (seeing someone doing the revolver-hero doesnt hurt though, or the yoda style - force use to get the lightsaber in hand :))


This should apply for lightsabers/melee weapons as well as pistols. Rifles actually are ok for being hold in hand, since its not that easy to put them away where you can reach them quickly enough to respond to a threat.


Thanks in advance,


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I think it should be implemented as well, though possibly for non-combat areas only. Like I said in another thread... it would add atmosphere, be a really cool looking feature, and it wouldn't be tedious like constantly having to manually sheathe your weapons would be.


I don't know how hard it would be, though. I just think it would be really awesome...


Perhaps they've already implemented it? :lol: I'd like that.

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Well they have blaster flouresh(sp) in The Sith Lords.

What is a flourish and what does it have to do with blasters? I've heard this several times but I still don't understand. Somebody help. Please.... :)

:( Okay, in KotOR, on the Xbox, I don't know about the PC, you would hit the Y button and your character would flourish his lightsaber, sadly, there was no blaster flourish...that's all it is...the PC twirling the lightsaber...oh, and you better hope Raven doesn't get ahold of this thread... :p

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They could make it necessary. Guards should be at least a bit more suspicious about you if you're waving a lightsaber around town.

Even holstered, a lightsaber isn't inconspicuous. It just dangles from your belt.


A blaster is a different story.

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I think the silence we've been experiencing probably means that it's not going to happen.


If it were to happen at all, I would imagine it would be something very simple with no bearing on the plot or dialogue choices; jst an extra animation.


But, as I've said before on another thread, I do think it's pretty silly running around town with your lightsaber in hand. Blasters in holsters, lightsabers on belts, and rifles...well, I guess they could stay held where they are.

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Actually, it's a pretty unimportant feature, but it would be neat. You don't care for it, I don't give a S-h-i-t.

I don't give a sh!t either, but it wouldn't hurt, if your Jedi automatically drew it in combat situations...but I can't stand these people that want him to force pull it to his hand...what's the point? Wow, another animation...

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I think its a pretty good idea only if people react differently when you have the weapon out.

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