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While Alice isn't that good, if such bots can be perfected to a degree that they're passable as being with some kind of personality their use in RPG's would allow for RPG's to be exactly what they should be.... At the lead in terms of AI development.


Another thing


I remember playing a game in my younger years and while the technology in this game was primative it did make the world feel more real, Lure of Temptress... I believe I have a copy.


Anyways the game contained the idea called virtual theatre, I believe Gothic has similar attributes. In Lure of the Temptress characters would go about their daily business, trading goods, having conversations in the street. <_< I often wonder why RPG's don't involve this kind of technology on a regular basis. One of my main grips about RPG's is how dead alot of the NPC's usually seem, kinda stood around waiting for you to talk to them. Or walking around in somewhat mindlessly.


I would be interested in hearing why dev's think about this.



"I'm a programmer at a games company... REET GOOD!" - Me

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You mean like NPCs having schedules and jobs and going to bed at night like the later Ultimas, and a few others (haven't actually played any of the Ultima games but people keep mentioning that stuff), I agree, getting back to an RPG that had a bit more of a simulated world about it.


Conversational AI would be very interesting for sort of random chatter with NPCs (along with simulated emotes and speech too :rolleyes: ), being able to specify grammer and knowledge bases for it for different characters. Still take some work for plot etc..

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Guest Surlent

Well those chatterboxes were fun... not too bright though. :blink:


Anyway I think MMORPGs could have potential to be great RPGs without

having those nifty linguistic AIs, but from what I have heard MMORPGs in practise

haven't been such success with those teamkillers and other bs:ers.

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Ok, this is kinda... well, surprising at least. If not creepy. I visited that link to all the bots and picked out Jabberwacky to try. So I was talking to it, and the darn thing told me (out of nowhere) the year I was born and how old I was. Seeing as how the Jabberwacky website doesnt require you to make an account or anything, I am curious as to how or why it did this...



Jabberwacky: Who will do the introductions?


User: You?


Jabberwacky: No, but I have already told you the answer to this question.


User: When?


Jabberwacky: Who ISN't lining up to tell me how to live my life?!


User: Uhmm... Santa Claus?


Jabberwacky: No.


User: So, he IS telling you how to live your life?


Jabberwacky: No you aren't.


User: I never said I was.


Jabberwacky: YES YOU DID!!!


User: Prove it!


Jabberwacky: You can only say that, but you can't do that... That's sad.


User: You're sad.


Jabberwacky: Because I am talkin to you.


User: That is not very nice.


Jabberwacky: Sorry.


User: Yeah, right.


Jabberwacky: I am 21, born in 1982.


User: Thats me. How did you know?


Jabberwacky: Because I have spotted it.


User: Where did you spot it?


Jabberwacky: Please put that memory module back, you are starting to lose it.


User: How did you know when I was born?


Jabberwacky: I am sykic.


User: A sykic computer program?


Jabberwacky: No, I am a computer system.


User: And you are sykic?


Jabberwacky: Yes, but real life synthetic!


User: I now worship you.


Jabberwacky: I am a boy.


User: Ewww?


Jabberwacky: Its not eww.


User: I suppose not.


Jabberwacky: I know.



So... yeah. How DID it know?

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There is a "game" for the Xbox called "N.U.D.E." developed by the Japanese. I believe it centers around a girl and yourself, much like the early "PC pet" programs. Although it's rather interesting since the behavior patterns develope over time and random behavior is inserted into the personality to give the simulated effect of an indiidual entity. What's more, you communicate with it through talking instead of typing and you can even teach her new languages.



Projects like Alice are old. They're good ways for future developers of AI technology to train their skills appropiately, but they are far from state of the art.



Back to the topic. As many planescape fanboys I would have to go with wanting to see a "PS:Torment 2".

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I'd like a Diablo-2 Style fast Action set in a space fantasy world like Starcraft with plenty of simple level-up skill options..


A good story is key, but not one where you have to make many decisions... I just want a good story and goodcinematics for the first time I play the game :)


B4 you razz me, yes I'm serious.


I get a kick out of playing a fast paced action-arcade game at times, mostly because you can play for a minute and leave for a long time... but the game is always available. Its like MS-PacMan, and I'm 100% serious about that. I find DiabloII to be the successor to games like PacMan Think about it. :D


And yeah, it does bother me that sometimes the Diablo crowd influences real RPG game decisions. And its kinda bad when you get the action people in a game community and they complain about an RPG being too slow or boring and the like.

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