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  1. Well, just thought I'd pop in and say Cheers for the music patch! I'm sure it's very spiffy (will d/l shortly) Audio is important to me though and quality is very noticeable on my Senns. BTW what resolution are the videos? Not too worried about them but it would've been nice to have that info in the readme.
  2. hmmm, well the flashing should be from the resolution/refresh changing, strange that the legal video (part 4) plays but the other intros don't. Apart from the swkotor2.ini thing a couple posts up, and using alternate video drivers (assuming you've got all the latest drivers for everything on your computer), I got nothing
  3. That looks to be the best bet along with rolling back/forward drivers. Well I reinstalled TSL to test it out and it looks like the ObsidianEnt intro video can't be disabled, caused TSL to hang for me. The legal vid seems to play even when renamed/replaced/deleted, editing other ingame vids would cause it to hang as well from what I've tested. Running some games windowed can cause the game to be less temperamental about things like this though (set FullScreen=0; see below). You could try a couple of things with swkotor2.ini, like making sure "FullScreen" under the [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] headings are set to the same value (where 1=fullscreen, 0=windowed), that caused some problems for me with the patch/new drivers (started game windowed and hanging when clicked on the taskbar). The game might work windowed (by setting both "FullScreen"s to "FullScreen=0"), could be a way to jump start it anyway.
  4. Have you tried backing up/renaming the originals and creating dummy files (create a new (empty) txt file and just rename it to the video you want to replace) ? This usually works with Bink(IIRC) vids but not necessarily for every video, sometimes a game just has to have a certain valid working video. I did this for the KotOR intro videos but I think the the final intro vid (the Darth Malak "screen" with legal/dev/pub info) had to played for some reason ... I think ... can't really remember
  5. Yea, it's always those corrupt and indecisive politicians that mess things up ... oh yea, and pesky Jedi Although I think there's a bit of a schism between KotOR and TSL plots the idea that Revan was trying to unite the galaxy under him/her, with him at it's head works for me. Getting all the politicking under control would be half the battle but with that out of the way there'd be clearer lines of control and quick, decisive actions could be carried out (Him being head (Sith) Honcho and all). From there well, who knows, but I think it ties in pretty well with the general SW Universe, very Thrawn-esque if you ask me.
  6. *taps fingertips together* "Excellent" Any KotOR counterpart info? I've been out of the loop for awhile so please don't hurt me I still have T7nowhere's saber 6pack for KotOR somewhere and, browsing around, it seems to be the only pack for KotOR .. PCGameMods.com
  7. I believe it's a legal issue about content produced between Obsidian & LA versus BioWare & LA produced content or somesuch. (don't quote me on that though ) I read something about it yesterday on Holowan labs, since USM got me interested in mod going-ons again (and having a play through of both games) ... The entire LucasForums network seems to be down right now though.
  8. That's not true, that's impossible ... nooooo0o0o0oo!
  9. Been a while since I've posted here, kind of a self imposed game info blackout. Anyway, had a browse around and noticed a response about the head models for the PC (in "Weekend Programmer" thread) which reminds me: Are there alternate textures/skins for the existing/new PC head models? Last time I asked was probably a few months ago and got a response mentioning the new head models but I'm guessing something would have been known/mentioned about this by now..
  10. I actually *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *coughkinda* *coughliked'em* *cough* *cough* *ahem*
  11. mmmmmmm, connncepppt aarrrt *drool* But yea, a little concept art booklet or 'Behind the Scenes" featurette would be fine and dandy!
  12. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't have a DVD version available, even a limited release! I'd preorder mine to secure it straight away and protect it from the filthy unwashed masses IIRC popular demand for the DVD(initially only in the "Special Ed") version of UT2K4 caused them to make some more. Far Cry DVD I think has outsold the CD version where I usually shop down here in New Zealand anyway..
  13. You mean like NPCs having schedules and jobs and going to bed at night like the later Ultimas, and a few others (haven't actually played any of the Ultima games but people keep mentioning that stuff), I agree, getting back to an RPG that had a bit more of a simulated world about it. Conversational AI would be very interesting for sort of random chatter with NPCs (along with simulated emotes and speech too ), being able to specify grammer and knowledge bases for it for different characters. Still take some work for plot etc..
  14. Unreal developers use OGG Vorbis (open source, VBR), and a few other developers also I think.
  15. Holy crap, never noticed, I just realised I have never (consciously) seen him either. Heh heh, I remember in an interview he said (paraphrasing) "there's more balls in that mans voice than, , than a juggler has!". Jennifer Hale has a website somewhere, it used to be on geocities a couple of years ago but I think she got a .com or .net one now with some samples, she's supposed to have some singing samples up too which is interesting but it had been "coming soon" for a year last time I'd checked.
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