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  1. Tried all that... did not work. I think it is time to give up unless somebody comes up with other suggestions.
  2. I have reinstalled KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords and tried to run it again (having installed the RAD Video Tools beforehand. It does exactly the same thing as before... I will describe what happens during the start-up sequence more precisely, perhaps it will give you guys a better idea about the nature of the problem: 1) I start the game 2) The screen goes black for a brief instance 3) The screen flashes twice 4) A screen with a picture appears. The picture contains a guy in a mask in the forefront a veiled female on the right from our perspective (on the left from the perspective of
  3. Catalyst is the "surname" that ATI video cards have given their latest series of drivers.. I use Nvidia cards, but I gotta say.. ATI gave their drivers a pretty kewl name Catalyst sounds much kewler than Nvidia's "Forceware: Unified Driver Architecture" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks! I was hoping it was a program that would enable me to run the game, but obviously not as I have the accursed SiS 650 integrated graphics card on my notebook.
  4. I have downloaded a sample bink video and it played fine but this is after I have downloaded the RAD tools codec. I will have to wait till I get home and reinstall the game to see whether it works in the game too. Yep, I don't really care about performance as long as it runs and is playable.
  5. Interesting... I will reinstall the game when I get back home and try to run it with the new codec.
  6. What is the 'catalyst' program you speak off?
  7. Ahh, thanks, these ideas seem to have potential! I have downloaded and installed the aforementioned the RAD Video tools. I must say that I am far from being a computer expert though and do not know how to use them to help the game run bink movies. Could somebody advise me as to how to do so? Thanks!
  8. You know... if the original KOTOR did not run just fine on my computer I would probably just give up by now, but since it did run without many problems (once the movies were disabled) I know there simply has to be a way to make KOTOR 2 work too. It does the exact same thing KOTOR 1 was doing when movies were not disabled... except that simply disabling the movies in the swkotor2.ini file or on the configuration screen seems to fail to disable them completely... If anybody can come up with some other ideas - particularly to disable the final intro movie Frosty_V2.1 mentioned that seems to be
  9. Yes, I have tried this. I was not sure whether to keep the new files as .txt files or change even the extension to that of the movie files I was replacing but I tried both approaches and regretfully neither of them worked. I suspect this is why it did not work for me - my computer seems to be incapable of running any of the videos at all and automatically quits to desktop upon even attempting to do so. Any idea on how to disable this particular video if that is the one where replacing it with an empty text file does not suffice?
  10. Thanks for the attempt anyway! The strange thing is that KOTOR I did run without all that many problems (sometimes it was rather slow, but that is to be expected on my system), so the problem ought to be solvable somehow...
  11. Unfortunately, it did not work. I even tried removing the entire movies directory to no effect. Exactly the same thing kept on happening as before. I should mention that I have everything on lowest settings - sound is disabled, all the graphics options in the swkotor2.ini file are disabled and so on.
  12. They are installed on the hard drive in the Movies directory as .bik files, but I suspect simply deleting them would have unforseen effects on the game.
  13. Regretfully, I cannot run the Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The game does not even start up. I have the SiS 650 integrated graphics card which is not supported by the game, but KOTOR I did run on my computer when I disabled movies. Prior to disabling movies I had the exactly same problem as I do now with KOTOR II - the game loads to the loading screen, but when a movie is supposed to begin it goes black, flashes several times and returns me to the desktop. Of course, there is a function in KOTOR II to disable movies as well... except that it does not work - the intro movie is
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