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  1. Well I was trying to hint at more information being displayed from your perspective. I didn't enjoy FO's combat, I don't like the Hex grid system it uses for a start, and alot of the combat does feel very point blank without any particular need. So... What's so bad about ToEE's combat in your opinion?
  2. I'd certainly try an English version, my German is so awful that I dare not trys it...
  3. I often try to borrow games from a friend before I buy. ... Grey area... Very grey area... LOL
  4. Good to see I'm not the only person who enjoies the old Bards Tale games...
  5. ToEE but no Fallouts or PS:T? Anyway, my list is quite similar to many others in here PS:T and Fallout are fun games, but the fact that the combat is quite poor in both these games certainly diminished some enjoyment, they're both classics I can't knock them in that respect, I've just had alot more fun playing ToEE because of the combat, and the fact I have a genuine like for the engine. ToEE isn't a classic, sure, but I have had more fun with it.
  6. I wouldn't accept anything anyone said about a game till I've experienced it myself. I do think its all too common that people in the industry start hyping games up based on false pretense, I think it's abhorant, but I also learnt to stop listening to anything and make my own opinion and ignore the devs very early on. People pirate games based on the fact that they don't even know if they will like game X, because they can't trust what dev's are saying. If anything it's a public relations nightmare. So I don't disagree with you, it's that I'm finding you have a negative enthusiam
  7. Is that directed at me? If so, I don't know what it means. Sorry. LOL!??! It was directed at you, and everything you've said for the last 3 pages, no offense intended . What can I say, you really don't seem that happy Bethseda are working on FO3... Or perhaps it's just Todd Howard. I'm actually looking forwards to some kind of rant when you've played the game and had a good amount of time to dissect FO3. I expect to see foaming at the mouth!
  8. . . . Regardless of the fact that some of these were buggy... 1. Mass Effect. 2. Arx Fatalis. 3. Dark Messiah. 4. Ultima Underworld. 5. NWN 2. 6. Baldurs Gate 1. 7. Race Driver: Grid. 8. Supreme Commander. 9. Vtm: Bloodlines. 10. The Temple of Elemental Evil.
  9. If it was Bioware flexing its muscles surely KOTOR 2 would have it's forums over at Bioware aswell. It seems fairly straight forwards that the reason is publisher driven, and based on keeping the community coherant and in a single place so as to avoid a split in the fanbase so to speak...
  10. That doesn't mean FO3 will be a bad game in its own right. It may very well suck donkey nads, it may be a good game in its own right, anyone who's pretending it'll be a great and authentic continuation of the series is clearly not looking correctly. My impression is that FO3 will be different, yet somewhat the same due to setting and branding.
  11. Oh please, trying to have a discussion with you is pointless. The only thing I can draw from this inane discussion is that you obviously don't think that people have decided to hate FO3 before playing it, for whatever reason. I think otherwise obviously, how that translates into a personal attack on you I feel is beyond logic. I honestly cannot grasp how you've taken THESE particular post to mean a personal attack on you. Sure, I'll make fun of something I feel is stupid, but I have no interest in arguing about percieved semantics of a clearly confused conversation. I hold my hand up and say I
  12. I'm not even certain you understand what's being disagree'd with? Really Volo you're twisting everything beyond intent... Which there is no need for. If you've got a problem with the fact that I have felt the need to comment upon the fact that some folks have decided to dislike Fallout 3 before playing it, that's fine. Now I don't recall saying you are the embodiment of that perspective either. So think as you will.
  13. Not at all what I was saying... I was merely stating the impression I am getting from people such as yourself.
  14. No, no. I would not assume that. Twas not my point. My guess is that computer game developers are pretty much like any other skilled job force: some work really hard and are really good at what they do; some don't work hard but are still good enough to get by; some work really hard but still aren't very good; some don't work hard and aren't very good but they are the son of the CEO. My point was that developers do not always make games that work. For whatever reason. SO to trust that they will always know and do the right or best or even a workable thing is a crapshoot. Nothing more
  15. Same reason a racist rants on their topic, constantly trying to justify a dislike or hatred for something they know little to nothing about. It's smacks of ignorance, what shocks me is that I have this sick feeling that despite everything the people who have already decided to hate the game will buy the game if only so they can play the game and hate it even more for not being the game that they want it to be, because they have such beloved memories of fallout 1 & 2. Even if Fallout 3 was the best thing since <insert hedonistic pleasure of your choice here>, they're still goi
  16. That's alot of people you're shoveling **** upon. Here's a story for you... There once was a game called worms, and some lead designer thought that they had a really good idea, and so it was that a game called, worms : forts, was made. While the game was being made, many people informed said lead designer of the games many flaws, but he didn't care and stubornly stuck to his guns, QA said it was broke, designers said it was broke, everyone knew it was broken, but he refused to allow the game to be fixed because he thought he knew better and as he was in a position of power the game was rel
  17. ... Its hard to ever be disappointed when you never buy into any hype. I never buy the hype so I never feel disappointment. As for the whole worst games ever played thing *shruggs* it's kinda hard for me to place a finger on anything. NWN's 1 was shocking on release it really did have everything that makes a game a complete turd... That said, once they fixed it, I didn't hate it as much. Kingdom of Fire: Circle of Doom is pretty pants, but even that was entertaining enough to warrent the time I spent playing it, plus I find the utter lack of interaction between gameplay and so
  18. Diz be possibility wiff mega post processing, but these g33ks r teh 2D 4 teh winn4r.
  19. I already have a beer gut, standard for a man of my age, 26. I start on August 18th, all being well.
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