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Food Thread - Those that eat


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On 4/16/2024 at 1:08 PM, ShadySands said:

Been making sandwiches for lunch. I only eat lunch a few times a week at most but I've been enjoying the sandwiches I make and so has my wife. She always steals a half. 


Yes, I vastly prefer the whip to mayo. Come at me bro, drone strike me IRL. 😛

You are dead to me... for the Miracle Whip part. I'm with you on spicy brown mustard.

There's a big BBQ/party coming up this weekend at my sister's (if the weather allows, it's looking like a potential wash out). The price of admission is to bring a side, so I decided I'd bring coleslaw, because what goes better with BBQ than slaw? The answer is nothing. Anyway, I hadn't made slaw in quite a while so I decided to do a trial run or two beforehand, not that slaw is hard to make. The first slaw I made was a pretty standard sweet-ish slaw, the kind you get from KFC. The only non-completely standard ingredient I added was apple, but that's not unusual for a sweet-ish slaw. It came out fine. Today I did another trial run and decided to go zesty instead. I did away with the apple and the sugar, the only sweet ingredient is carrot, and I added white onions, radishes, and chives, plus I increased the pepper content significantly. It came out awesome, probably the best slaw I've ever made, and it hasn't even had a chance to sit in the fridge overnight. This is the recipe I'll use for the batch for the party, provided it happens.

Disclaimer: No Miracle Whip came within 500 yards of the slaw during the making process.:-


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