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51 minutes ago, Exanos said:

Just to be sure, every crit should also trigger counfounding blind (rogue : -dev every hit), combusting wound and death of 1000 cut right? 

Only crits (and hits) that target deflection trigger Counfonding Blind, Hemmorhaging is against fortitude, and Avenging Storm, reflex.

Death of 1000 cuts is only triggered by Shred spells ; neither Hemmorhaging or Avenging Storm can help for this.  

Combusting Wound will work on Avenging Storm lightning, but not with only Hemmorhaging : only damages cause wound. And because of chain lightning (so really often) the number of wounds can be quickly very high! 

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Good thing i asked then^^ 

Do you remember if you need to keep sasha singing scimitar on with a SC stormspeaker to benefit from empowered avenging storm refilling phrase like crazy? Long time since i played one and don't have the savegame anymore. If no, having SSC in one set and Effort in another should become a devastating combo no ?

-> Equip SSC, empower AS, get some refill, swap to effort, start casting aoe, get phrase back each time a crit occur+ chain lightning...

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That doesnt work because weapons's effects only work when the weapon is equipped, but it is not senseless in a way

Equip SSC (dualwielded with mortar), empower The Ranga, use mortar to get full phrases back ;

Then, equip Effort, cast spells , when needed switch back to first set to use mortar (phrases back), return to Effort. 

The chain lightning will be interrupted when you switch to SSC set, and the refresh effect will ending when you switch to Effort, but because The ranga have a duration (that can be extended) this tactic can be really useful.

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It needs to be a melee weapon attack - therefore it won't work unfortunately. Those weapon "spells", even when tagged as weapon attacks, seldomly are tagged as melee. Offensive Parry from WotEP is one of the weapon enchantments that gets treated as a (non-ability) melee weapon attack (and thus works). From the top of my head I don't recall any weapon enchantment other than Offensive Parry that works with Skald's phrase-on-crit.

A Skald/Monk with Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming can maximize the gathering of phrases because Offensive Parry triggers Swift Flurry/HBD and that also counts for Skald crit-phrases. A Skald cannot get more than +1 phrase from one "attack phase", no matter how many crits rolls they produce from one attack action - so even if you proc a whole crit chain you will only ever get +1 phrase max - but this makes it a lot more likely to get a phrase in the first place because the 50% chance isn't that meaningful anymore if you can produce whole chains of crits per swing (or parry) instead of only one.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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necro-ing this thread because my lifegiver druid is finally high enough level where i'm playing around with this.

i think what's neat about this avenging storm<->effort is that it runs on a spectrum. there's definitely an extreme where you have enough accuracy and/or hit-to-crit where you wipe out entire fights, but if you're not building a super min-maxed character it feels quite "fair", you don't get endless sequences of bolts, but you do get a handful of bolts sometimes as a nice reward.

i also thought it'd be really important to have something like druid aoe ticks or monk multi-attack synergies, but on the less "cheesy" end of the spectrum, just auto-attacking with effort and storm can get you some bonus bolts.


in this respect i feel like this is like salvation of time or combusting wounds - almost a no-op if you're not built for it, pretty good if you know how to play with it, and utterly busted if you so choose. (incidentally i found that wondrous torment plus a flail means that even a tough bullet-sponge can get bolted to smithereens from like an auto-attack proc)

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