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Armchair theories on why POE2 didn't sell super well

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I do not know what other people think, but at least I do not care who made the game. I just want a good game. I have played lots of adventures and RPGs, both JRPGs and western ones.

If I only play things from people I know I would have never played Pathfinder or Disco Elysium, some of best games lately and I have never heard of those studios before the game was on the shop page.

The people you mentioned are famous among gamers, but even they have started their career at some point. Several crowdfunding games were funded made by a single person or a small team nobody ever heard before. If players buy only stuff they know there would never be new successful games.

If you want a good RPGĀ  you need one thing patience. Unless you want to be a beta tester wait some month after release before you start playing. RPGs are the largest and most complex type of games and more complexity means also more potential for bugs.

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