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Is there any way of triggering a fight between mega bosses?

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Haha, nice idea. Spawning is easy.

You can find their names with

findPrefab characters <search_string>

and then spawn with

 spawnPrefabAtMouse <dat_name_you_found>

Let them fight each other: no idea. 

There are encounters where two hostile groups might fight each other. In most cases they will just fight you and not each other though. I don't know if this can be influenced via console or maybe with a mod.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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That could be possible. Easier if you're solo. You can give yourself Shadowed Hunters or use Withdraw on yourself, set INT to 35 and use RestoreResourcesFromRest or SetResourceLimit to have (nearly) endless uses. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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17 hours ago, thelee said:

anyway, my money's on hauani o whe stomping on every other boss.

The problem is that Megabosses require specific way to be killed and are not fit to adapt other megaboss playstyle.

Hauni O Whe will ultimately prevail against everything cause it will simply rebuild itself when split.
Belranga has too high defenses, so will prevail against anything else than Hauni O Whe. Unless of course if her minions are spawned too.
Dorudugan brute strength can't do that much agiant the 2 previous special defenses. Not 100% sure they can match its self-heal. Might lead to a draw vs Hauni O Whe and ultimately Victory vs Belranga.
Auranic won't do much even if spawned with sigils cause her Crowd Control effects won't help much versus other megaboss.

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 It's possible yo use the command AIForceAttack to make them attack each other but they won't use their abilities.

Personally I think Belranga (with all her spiders) has a chance to beat Hauani because she can nearly perma CC the ooze preventing the merge. The weakest is Auranic, no doubt here... Dorudugan will beat however Belranga - while Belranga starts with high defenses, she starts also with low accuracy and damage. Dorudugan has also superior armor and penetration and his explosion will kill the spiderlings, lowering eventually Belranga's defenses even more. Hauani will beat Dorudugan after a very long fight.

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"Belranga has too high defenses, so will prevail against anything else than Hauni O Whe. Unless of course if her minions are spawned too."

Without minions, Hauani O Whe runs away with the fight, eventually. Belranga might be able to CC the first form, but Belranga won't be able to CC multiple oozes spread out.

With minions, I think it's actually a toss-up. Belranga will literally kill herself in such a situation (in some of my practice ultimate runs this is basically what happens), but lots of spiderlings = lots of attempts at petrify, resisted down to paralyze. You might be able to keep the various forms cc-ed enough at Greater/Massive, and at Greater ooze and below the spider and spiderlings can rip them to shreds easily. The only complication is that HoW would be tossing symbiotes everywhere, but I actually think the random aoe attacks of the spiders/spiderlings would be killing the spider/spiderlings before they can do much moving around to spawn more oozes.

Dorudugan is also weak to corrode, which coincidentally is hauani o whe's specialty. While Dorudugan can do a lot of damage and in a huge area, in practice the numbers from the explosions are only in the hundreds of damage. Dorudgan can stunlock Hauani o Whe pre-split, but after that, I think the fight pretty much steadily runs away from Dorudugan in favor of the ooze. The AI would have to be smart enough to position Dorudugan to interrupt all the oozes with each swipe, which it won't be.

Depending on how Belranga's consume ability is implemented, I think Belranga could beat Dorudugan. Given enough dead spiderlings, Belranga will be extremely fast and have a really powerful consume effect - in a practice ultimate run the fight ended up becoming impossible because Belranga was healing so much health from each consume, and even with immunity to interrupts Belranga's consume ability still knocks you down for several interminable seconds. (Fun fact: because of how this practice run ended up going, I actually counted the number of spider/lings killed in my real run to make sure I didn't wait too long to really press the offense against Belranga.) If Belranga is able to knock Dorudugan down (I think this is possible; I seem to recall using a knock up ability on Dorudugan during the early days of megabosses) and effectively use consume, eventually the fight against Belranga will become impossible for Dorudugan to surmount.

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