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Always liked the way those spells look for wizard, and feel like ive undervalued/underused them. Any good syngergies with other classes based on using these spells? Or just combos with them, i suppose a transmuter would do well, though sadly the spells necrotic lance and fetic caress seem to be missing keywords for that build. Ie fetid caress doesnt have acid or corrode and necrotic lance is the only spell that i wish was labelled transmutation. 


PS i use this mod for wizards, seems to be a LOT better then vanilla. 



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Unless something has changed with the Community Patch, the problem that always held me back from doing this was the lack of consistent keywords for poison/acid and the lack of +PL items.  The only ones I remember were the Chromo quaterstaff and the Helm of Grotto Deep and maybe Spider Silk Robe.  It was a lot harder to stack Acid/Poison PL vs say Fire, and the keyword issue held it back even then.

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Class i see fitting :

- wizard (blood mage) : all poison/corrosion spells

- druid (ancient) : lot of dots fitting the RP

- chanter (troubadour) : come wind of death, white worms, paralyze : have a nice "banshee" feeling.

- priest (berath)

- cipher


Use any combination of thoses.


Have played a blood mage/ ancient and it was a lot of fun, lack of + poison/corrosion PL isn't that bad cause you have a lot of + beast PL. Only issue late game : too many spell, in most fight you can't use them all cause things die to fast (even on Potd). 


Next run will probably be an ancient/troubadour or a blood mage / troubadour. 




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Spellblade (Wizard/Rogue) with Watershaper's Focus (for the jump which will give you two Blasts) + all the Rogue DoTs, especially Toxic Strike is very potent. Max MIG and INT.

Community Patch reordered and added keywords. Stuff that does corrode damage usually has the acid keyword now. Dedicated poison spells should all have poison and antidote keywords.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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