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Pictures of your games 12

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The amateur assassin murders half the town, leaving a trail of blood a mile wide on his way to the target.

The master assassin waits inside a hamper in the bedroom for minutes...


Sometimes hours...


Until the perfect time to strike.


No one saw him enter. No one saw him leave. No recording of him exist. No fingerprints. Only a dead body... discovered many hours after he was already gone... with no explanation.

No one knows the true identity of the master assassin. He is but a legend, a wives tale, a fleeting memory long gone only moments after it leaves the lips. He is Agent 47, Codename: Keyrock. Pray your name is not on his list.


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I am a man of many faces.




No suit only challenge this time around (that will come later), but I did get my customary silent assassin status on master difficulty.


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I thought that was a coconut.

I have no idea what they are, but I will guess they are the preferred murder weapon for extra points / achievement / accolade.

Unobtrusively informing you about my new ebook (which you should feel free to read and shower with praise).

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On 7/29/2019 at 8:26 AM, Gfted1 said:

@Keyrock: What do the silhouettes in the lower right mean (kiwi, key, scissor, etc.).

The kiwi is a squeaky toy, useful as a distraction. The key is a car key, it does what a car key does (open a car and make it beep so you know where said car is). The scissors are a lethal piercing weapon. The coconut works as either a non-lethal concussion weapon or a distraction. These are all items I picked up. The game shows your currently equipped item. When it's just a silhouette it means it is put away, if it's solid it means I'm holding it.

Of those items only the scissors will work as a murder weapon, but not any sort of special kill, to the best of my knowledge. Not in either of those levels, anyway.

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I think I stepped through a portal into some Bethesda game...

I was only going to build a small outpost to capture thralls. Got the capturing part down.

Might have slightly failed in the "small" department though...

The huge circular(-ish) roof was a nightmare to build. I still want to add a Set temple somewhere, at some point.
Open roof over the Wheel of Pain and kitchen right next door for some added persuasive powers. Can't have Keyrock claim I'm a softie again!

Since I have no real reason to start any new building projects in my single player save I've gone back to the bucket list:

  • Killed the undead dragon, was a tad easier than I expected (but I expected it to be really really nasty, so there's that)
  • The giant spider, on the other hand, was a lot nastier than I expected...
  • Killed all the different dragon types (Red, Green and White). I mean, that's something you have to do at least once in our life, amirite? ;)
    Killed the White Dragon a few times to get a head for a trophy, after a bit of Googling it turns out the White Dragon Head Trophy is not implemented yet. Whelp.

Still to go:

  • Completing the Warmaker's Sanctuary dungeon and dealing with some other new bosses added in that recent update (already fought the boss birds, those are nasty as hell)
  • Craft the Heart of the Sands (so I can then create the item to remove the bracelet as I have all the other parts), which means I need to get past the whiptail cats that have shredded me each time I've tried. Different approach appears to be required (might bring a thrall to deal with them, for a change, I usually don't use them, except for bearers)
  • Completing the last few Journey steps ("only" 5 to go....)
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Had fun playing Deadfire but I think I will take a break from it for a while. It sure is breathtaking though.



The first island I named.


... as well as little buggy. I came down the deck and realized that one of my crew had no head.


Aloth passed out during a fight and refused to get up so for a while I had a unconscious body sliding around on the floors like a roomba.


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