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Patch Notes for 4.1.0

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Finally. Turn based for the win.

All previous updates with their new monsters and dragons and gods to combat gave me nothing, because the real-time combat just kept destroying all my plans going into combat. Maybe I'm just slow.

I'm old-school. SSI Goldbox still (in my heart) is the best games ever.

Now I'm going to start a fresh game of Deadfire, in turn-based mode, and finally enjoy it as much as I should have done the first two times I played it.

Disclaimer: I really loved the game as it was. 

Double disclaimer: Turn based games are always better.

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Plans for the next update? A lot of bug has been posted ate beta forum, a Roadmap of PoE features and updates should be a good idea




they said they're collecting feedback until feb. i would expect only a small bug fix at the most until march, essentially.

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