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  1. Abyddon's challenge's rate of weapon breaks is totally fine if you are not trying to stick it in some heavy armor u not supposed to penetrate. one can keep weapons with proper dmg type ready in other slots and it wont be breaking every fight. I also used to keep 2-3 spare generic/fine weapons ready in personal inventory, it makes weapon management during dungeon run way less distracting.
  2. couple of annoying things that still need fixing: - ranger's ghost animal gets AI behaviour reset on every resummon, - pet party bonuses used to stack/linger on non-companion followers after re-inviting them to party.
  3. tbh turn-based mode is a mess balance wise right now and I don't think its possible to make it balanced without manual tweaking every single spell and ability. ppl rushing thru story on easier difficulties will find it unnecessary slow, and hardcore player who wants to get a proper chess without coding followers and pausing mid-animations may consider it way too exploitable - it kills some classes and make others extremely strong. I've been trying to play with it on PotD twice with different sets of challenges and both times found it easier (and naturally slower) than real-time PotD what j
  4. I like Abydon's challenge like it is and I think this one is the best for PotD run. It makes all weapons/armor useful on any stages of the game, personal inventory serves as a stock for spare equipment, you don't become attached to some overpowered weapon early and u have to consider what weapon to use for tough encounters like you do that with party composition. Finally buying every golden item from vendors is not an option anymore, you got to choose best ones out of cheapest.
  5. Is that possible to add at least vague explanations what beast's abilities do? absence of it looks like an oversight to me considering how game is providing info about every single mechanics. Sometimes after a long break from Deadfire I just look at those icons with names like Gore without a single clue that the hell this boar actually can do to me
  6. I would be interested in vice versa - adding new challenges mid-game (like Ondra's and Rymgrand's). Is that impossible too?
  7. No matter how I love PoE setting, I consider Tyranny as the best game out of three Obsidian gave us last years. It has immense amount of amazing mechanics (tho unfinished like was said by many in this topic), way better approach toward follower affinity, more symmetric combat where hostiles use abilities on par with your party, game events are more dramatic and player's choices matter like nowhere else. It is a shame that kind of unusual approach toward game content where you can not see even half of it during one playthrough and overall game shortness killed it for majority. But I am stil
  8. any info about next small patch expected release date?
  9. zealous modals and pet party buffs that getting permanent yet not fixed. as well as daily wages. 4 months since the promise to resolve those issues asap.
  10. what about buffs that getting permanent on party members (specifically zealous modals and pet party buffs)? and daily wages that occasionally eat all your money or a huge chunk of it? both bugs persist for more than 3 months.
  11. ok, this getting ridiculous, at one point one of my companions has 5 pet buffs. I've managed to get rid of them by applying proper pet and getting it back, but hell, this not the way to play all game like this. and still can do nothing about paladin modals. dear obsidian, any chance to fix it?
  12. guys, any known workaround? still persisting in 3.0, zealous endurance in my case. thank you!
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