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[Tutorial] modifying Assembly-CSharp.dll

Assembly-CSharp.dll xp helms for godlike godlike exp experience

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By modifying Assembly-CSharp.dll one can achieve with ease many frequently requested things that are otherwise not possible or very difficult. I have decided to make this tutorial instead of mods since mods for Assembly-CSharp.dll have some drawbacks (see below).

Difficulties with Assembly-CSharp.dll modding
- A modified Assembly-CSharp.dll won't be properly recognized by patches. So one has to use the BACKUP and patch the game or reinstall it. After that one has to redo all modifications to the new Assembly-CSharp.dll. It helps if one keeps track of the changes in a text file.
- Assembly-CSharp mods are incompatible with any other mod that modifies Assembly-CSharp.dll

Getting started
- Assembly-CSharp.dll is located in "...\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Managed".
- MAKE A BACKUP of Assembly-CSharp.dll !!!!!
- To modify the dll you need a de/compiler like dnspy.
- Launch up dnspy and open Assembly-CSharp.dll. The rest should be self explanatory for everyone with little programming skills (else leave your hands out of it!!! and learn programming).

What can be done?
1. Helms for godlike



2. Does "waiting" from the rest menu take to long?



3. XP Gain.
You dislike PoE2 xp system? The lines you need to edit are under "Partymanager" "AddPartySizeBonusXP" and "AssignXPToInactiveParty"

I prefer no party size and no inactive penalty (changes for that below). This lines can also be modified to have a difficult scaling.



4. Difficulty scaling


under "DifficultyScaling" "public class ScaleData" right click on the token and chose "edit class"


this things can be changed...


                CreatureLevelMult = 1f;
                DetectableDifficultyMult = 1f;
                DisarmDifficultyMult = 1f;
                TrapEffectMult = 1f;
                TrapDamageMult = 1f;
                SkillCheckMult = 1f;

Edited by Fhav6X, 12 December 2018 - 07:54 AM.

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Pure amazeballs, dude.



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Wanted to update this in case anybody was interested, don't edit line 575, it's line 574 that you want. (As of this post and current patch) You'll have no problems compiling then.

Looking ridiculous but working.


Or just download the file

Edited by DiabloStorm, 25 March 2019 - 11:09 PM.

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