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  1. I don' quite understand what would be the "Override directory" as says in the readme: INSTALLATION: Add UnlockPets folder to your Override directory. Nvm, I saw this thread here I understood:
  2. Hello, I can't seem to find Vestments of Gaun at all in the item bundle. Anyone know if it is named differently and how would I find it? I find it awful that it was not an upgradeable item, since it is the best looking robes in the whole game for monks (and perhaps priests). Edit: nevermind, I Found it. It is under Xoti_armor or something. The precise line is listed as: "AppearancePiece":{"ModelVisualDataPath":"prefabs/items/appearance/body/cl/cl26/a_cl26.asset"} I also changed the icon image: "IconTextureSmall":"gui/icons/items/armor/padded/padded_armor_xot
  3. Doesnt mod block berath's blessings and achievements though? I still got a few of them to get.
  4. I just played this quest on the latest patch (08/12/2020) and still did NOT get Galawain's boon, although I do get his talk after returning to ship where he says he will grant me "the eyes of the beasts". Also in the wiki it says I should get +2 perception and +1 survival, but nothing is there at all. edit: nvm, it is working after delivery of the quest.
  5. I had the same problem. I was looking forward for that flog... damn! Nothing dropped but her head and the grimoire and a few useless stuff.
  6. Im not sure if I posted it already or not (since it doesnt show), but I will ask again: in the CURRENT patch, I saw some things changed (including the lines position), but I did what EthicsGradient suggested. It DID work. I used the Pearlescent Rhomboid Helsone. It works great! I wonder why this one wasn't default usable by Godlike, as it has NO effect on his head-sike and stuff. Bad decision, Devs. Look: I also tried downloaded his .dll file and replaced the one in the data, but in that case the game then did not open the main menu (only the OBSIDIAN and VersusEvil logos, then
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