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  1. A mono loosing data ... That sounds like you are using an old uabe version (2.2a and older). If it is v2.2d, try it with 2.2c or 2.2b. Sometimes you have to restart uabe to show modded data. So after importing just close the programm and restart. Don't bother editing the raw files. It will only lead to more problems.
  2. Yes, it is applicable for PoE 1. It should be possible to replace the NPC backers with something else. Yet, considering the amount of this npcs, I think it is to much to bother with.
  3. The heads in the game are one model. Therefor one can't switch parts like ears between them. One would need to make a new model that fits the skeleton files of the existing body. At the moment I don't know of a method to do that. I do know that there has to be a scaling factor for models somewhere. I just don't know where. As for the godlike heads... Yes, they can be switched, but the human color maps ("paint job") don't fit properly. Making them fit is a lot of work (one I currently don't have time for).
  4. It would be easy to create a duplicate of the flail's "AppearancePiece" prefab, one without the ball, but.... Flail seem to be the only weapon class that does not have an "AppearancePiece" prefab. They are generated differently. And I have no clue how.
  5. @ Boeroer You are lucky the flail model is divided in separate parts, which makes it very easy to deactivate the ball. But you will probably have to reinstall, patch and reapply the mod every time a new game patch comes out. ball and chain unballed.rar
  6. Yes, it's possible to replace, remove, or add pieces of an outfit, rather than just swapping one for another entirely. At least this is the case for some of them. Yet what you did was, renaming a "somewhat meaningless" file reference. As you have already realized you need to edit the mesh files, mostly located in the assetbundles that end with "characters. unity3d". "MonoBehaviour : Game.CharacterModelVisualData" prefab files just tell the game where to find the game object and avatar files (which them self reference the mesh files) and how to apply material files (which contain the textures). The SubMeshSettings of the MonoBehaviour just tells the game which material file is applied to the mesh. If a wrong or different mesh name is set here the game just apply the default material file for the actual mesh file. In other words, no change visible. If you want to change a mesh you really have to replace the mesh file in the corresponding "characters.unity3d" assetbundle. A change to the MonoBehaviour is only necessary, if the previous material file no longer fits to the replaced mesh. Then you have to look up, what the material file of the replaced mesh is, note its "SInt64 m_PathID" ( in uabe you can see those for each file on the right under Path ID) and replace it in the SubMeshSettings.
  7. @ AndreaColombo I hope it is to your liking. I only change his eye color the menu screen since the ingame model is far too small to even see it. This way the mod alone should be also more compatible with game patches since there haven't been any changes to the affected assetbundle since at least poe2 v3. PS: I guaranty you it is definitely a deliberate change. For anything to be tintable in this game, one need a tint map file, that tells the game what and where the tint should be applied. This was also the reason godlikes were not tintable. They didn't have those tint map files. I had to create several for each godlike. Without those files you see only the main predefined texture for the object. For Tekehu's eyes it is the dark eyeball with a turquoise iris. A change of those predefined textures can only be deliberate. tekehu eye ungreen.rar
  8. @ AndreaColombo Tinting only affects generic characters the player creates. Tekehu's eye color is his actual color. If it was different before, then it was changed deliberately to its current state. I can change its color, but I don't know what it was before. It would help, if you happen to have a picture to build on.
  9. Copying just the relevant bundle files should do the trick. The bundles are "characters.unity3d", "character_hd.unity3d", "character_headandskin_hd.unity3d" and "items.unity3d". All are located in the assetbundles folder
  10. @ ceilingfan If by Unity asset extractors you mean Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (UABE), then that is what I have used to create the mod. It is also the only one I know that can import files into the bundles. Simple extraction is pointless. What the exe files do is, adding new files and modifying existing ones inside several assetbundles. One could, in theory, simply replace the assetbundles with the modified ones. Due to the gigantic size of the bundles I can't upload those. The exe files are the best distribution option available. You could try to install the game (base game is enough) on a windows machine run the mod and then simply copy the modified files to your mac game.
  11. I have started a new game and reached the point where I can start sailing. I picked up some crates to the east of the starting point and Furrante's ship was already on my toes. I had to do something else and left the game in that state for an hour or so. When I came back, Furrante's ship was moved onto Maje island and got stuck their. A reload fix it quickly, but still this seams to be a way to skip this interaction. Here is a picture of it. I'm on latest gog v5.0.
  12. As of now I can only use the head models that are already in the game and swapping textures doesn't always look good. The game engine so far refused to accept new models. My biggest success looked like that with pretty much the same diagnoses. The poor character entered game crash nirvana shortly after I tried to leave a building with it.
  13. It has been a lot more time then expected, but it is now online. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109494-mod-tint-god/
  14. I have tried to make looks for woedica and skaen godlikes. Both can be found under Death godlikes. Woedica godlikes: Since Woedica is supposed to be burned, old and a Queen, her godlikes have burned, leathery skin, grey hair and golden crown like hornes. Skaen godlikes: Since Skaen is pictured as disfigured and scarred and manifests as Effigy, his godlikes look also disfigured, scarred, flailed and sometimes without eyes.
  15. This mod, as the name implies, allows you to tint godlikes. It also adds some more head options to those. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/325 This mod is somewhat special, so you have to read the installation instructions carefully! Installation: 1. Extract the files into your "Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire" main folder (the one with the exe). You should now have two new files (RUN_FIRST!!!.exe and Tint_God_Mod.exe) in your main folder and a folder called "Tint God" inside your override folder. 2. Now run "RUN_FIRST!!!.exe" as the file says ;). Select the "Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire" main folder (the one with the game.exe) and let the patch work. You have to run "RUN_FIRST!!!.exe" every time you install the mod!!! 3. After "RUN_FIRST!!!.exe" is finished and everything was successful, run "Tint_God_Mod.exe". Again select the "Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire" main folder (the one with the game.exe) when prompted and let the patch work. After that is finished, you can start the game and should be able to tint godlikes. 4. This mod creates big backup files in "\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\assetbundles". If everything works as intended you can safely delete those backups. Compatibility: ATTENTION! This mod IS NOT compatible with Kilay's great "CC more colors" mod. You have to disable it. However, I have tried to include some of its features into this mod. This mod is halfway compatible with game patches or mods, which alter assetbundles. If a patch makes changes to "charactershd.unity3d", "characters.unity3d", "items.unity3d" or "character_headandskin_hd.unity3d" it will throw up errors for this assetbundles. The only consistent way to deal with that, is to reinstall the game, patch it and then reapply the mod, so long as no "new content" is added by a patch (new DLC releases or features like turn based mode). In that case an updated installer will be provided on the mod's nexus site. In case of other mods for assetbundles, you are safe so long those mods don't change anything about godlikes or the manifest files inside the assetbundles. Known issues: I: At game loading the characters in the Inventory screen have no body textures. S: This happens because of the game's loading priority for mods from the override folder. Just equip/unequip some armor to solve it. I: The aumaua, elf, dwraf and orlan variants of godlikes have odd or different tinting. S: That is a problem how the unity engine "generates" those races from the human raw model. I don't have a solution for this problem, yet. The human version of the godlikes should work. I: Godlikes can't be tinted. S: You either have not run "RUN_FIRST!!!.exe" or it didn't work. Restore the backups or better reinstall the game and then follow the installation instructions.
  16. It is not possible to swap the hilt of this sabre since it is one big model. But it is possible to make those wings invisible. I made a small mod for it. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/321/ I hope it satisfies your request.
  17. Can you post an image of the blade? The models don't use the item names, but numbers like sabre01. I need to see the model so I can look for it in the data files. Then I can tell you if one can change it or not.
  18. By "deleted" do you mean it won't show up in the game or in the asset files? If you mean it is not visible in the game you have to consider, that there are also material files, textures, skeleton meshes etc. connected to a mesh. All of them are referenced by their SInt64 m_PathID and some by the registry file at SInt64 m_PathID =1 position. If you change the mesh to much those files won't fit anymore and then can't be displayed in game.
  19. Sadly, there is no easy way to import obj files. You have to make an asset file with the obj in unity. Then you have to export a dump from the mesh file with uabe and then import it into the actual asset file, you wish to edit.
  20. Tinting is practically done. I am also trying to add more horns and heads options. That is still under construction and will take some time. Here are some examples.
  21. Here is my guide on how to edit unity3d files. They do not work with override folder, but I doubt it will do you any good modifying those files. Most of the stats and abilities stuff was transferred to gamedatabundles, which work with override. The unity3d files contain mainly visual data. The pined tutorials in this forum and the guides in the game's documentary folder will help you with gamedatabundles.
  22. There is a level scaling for trap difficulty and a check for xp in the games code private int GetAndIncrementTrapLockExperience(int difficulty, bool disarmTrap, bool pickLock) { if (difficulty == 0 || difficulty >= 20) { return 0; } if (this.mTrapLockXPPool[difficulty - 1] >= 10) { return 0; } float num = ExperienceTable.GameData.TrapLockXPMultiplier; if (num == 0f) { num = 1f; } float num2 = (float)ExperienceTable.GameData.ExperienceReference[difficulty - 1].TrapLockExperiencePool * num; float num3 = num2 / 10f * 5f / (float)SingletonBehavior<PartyManager>.Instance.GetNumPartyMembers(); if (pickLock) { num3 += (float)ExperienceTable.GameData.PickLockExperienceModifier; } if (disarmTrap) { num3 += (float)ExperienceTable.GameData.DisarmTrapExperienceModifier; } int result = (int)Mathf.Round(num3); this.mTrapLockXPPool[difficulty - 1]++; return result; I think the first if clause is the problem. It states if (difficulty == 0 || difficulty >= 20). For levels beyond 20, difficulty can get out of bounds and return 0. I have no idea if it can be changed with gamedatabundles.
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