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  1. hello! i just thought it's been a while since i checked in on the progress of your mod, i hope it's going well!
  2. i was gifted PoE2 a few days ago and was absolutely ecstatic at the thought of rolling a yellow/gold nature/moon godlike paladin, apparently, we have no such option. i'm actually devastated at the quality of hairstyles and custom colours available from the get-go as well, and have been searching daily for mods (i found a particularly good one on nexus mods, unfortunately, the maker hasn't been able to make changes to the godlike skin options which seems to be a problem for every other modder from what i've seen so far.) if no one is close to figuring it out i'm seriously considering starting a petition for a second customization pack, one that not only gives multiple skin colour options to the godlike but more hairstyles for all races, if this is ignored i'll most likely make it a project to fix this in my own time. as you can probably tell, this means a lot to me.
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