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Character update for my Fighter. Now level 8 and going strong, most Defiance Bay quests are done, about to start Heritage Hill.






Stats and abilities are strong across the board. I took Superior Deflection at level 6, Armoured Grace at 7 and Rapid Recovery at 8. Sided with the knights so have recently acquired Second Skin.


You can see crit rate has remained around 25% but is now edging upwards as my ACC improves (currently 27%). Damage ratio has also improved and is now around 6x.






I upgraded sword, shield and armour to exceptional at level 8. Notable find was Gauntlets of Accuracy, remaining equipment is fairly standard. Still making extensive use of scrolls and potions (I wish there was a tracker for how may items you use, I'm probably setting some kind of record in this run). Combat strategy often goes something like Vigorous Defence -> defensive potion (Spirit Shield/Mirrored Image) -> Disciplined Barrage -> Nature's Mark (debuffs DEF and REF) -> Fan of Flames/Burst of Summer Flame (often 2 or 3) and then mop up the rest with sword. I'm literally spending around 5k copper per day just buying crafting components from Lora/Coren/Cartugo/Curnd.


Also discovered to my disappointment that Vigorous Defence does not stack with Scroll of Defence (I thought they might since one is ability and one is item, but I guess they both count as activated abilities). 


I'm feeling slightly dispirited as I approach level 9. This is where my chanters get Dragon Thrashed and the game becomes a stroll. All my fighter has to look forward to is Critical Defence :/

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I'm still going with both of my characters, though quite slow (finished all Act II quests and intend to move into WM now for Gloomy Face and made some progress with Grim Face, though have him rerolled and restarted since I wasn't happy with his average perception (10) and thus accuracy). But since it's indeed a deep slumber over here lately and I wasn't sure anybody will read anything I've postponed my posting until I'll make more significant progress.

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Great to hear from you Serg and Semiticgod. I just completed a PoE2 regular reload run and am playing around with the turn based mode with some new characters. It's really more my style (Temple of Elemental Evil and Final Fantasy Tactics are top 5 games for me), and it really changes so much of the system (as if PoE2 needed more new things to consider). 


I'm also starting a new PoE1 NR run with a new group to take into PoE2. I'll get first post in here, but I intend to keep it light. I'll document some key fights and summarize my play experience for each Act. I'm trying it with a slightly more vanilla set up - no DLCs and trying to move through the core quest more quickly. 


I'm ready to start a PoE2 NR run whenever we are ready. 

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Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter: Introduction
Game Version: - No DLC enabled
Difficulty: Hard
Settings: Maim Before Death: On; Injuries: On; Expert Mode: Off; Trial of Iron: On
Mods: None


This run is meant to create more space for me in PoE2, with another main character to play with. Now that I have a sense of PoE2, this character is built for transitioning into that world and system a little bit more thoughtfully than my last. 
This group will be primarily 4 custom characters, with the last space sometimes occupied by a companion and sometimes empty. I plan to complete some of the companion quests, but not all. 
Main Character, Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter
Main Character Description: 
Jan is a philosopher from Ixamitl Plains, where he studied for many years, but grew tired of abstract ideas without connection to real embodied and lived experience. His training with arms was that of an armored foot soldier, and though inexperienced with combat, his skills have potential. He needed to spend less time in his head, and so, set out for something new. The call to come settle in the Dyrwood came at just the right time. 
Custom Party Members:
The core party will be 4 custom characters: Barbarian, Ranger, Priest, Wizard


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Update: Trolls are no joke at level 4, even on Hard. 


The party has died. I feel good about the experience, though. I was cruising through at max speed, without much care for the risks, and I've learned the limits of that approach. 


I will probably recreate a similar team, but think harder on my path through act 2. 







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I always fight that lot on the bridge just outside the chamber. Lure them up and only a max of 2 can engage you on the bridge while the rest are packed behind them (perfect AoE fest).


Still level 4 is very low level for that area. You must have whizzed through Act 1 and gone into the catacombs as one of your first tasks in Defiance Bay.

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I am almost ready for my first POE2 Playthrough, i played a bit before but lvl 10 or something max

I want to play it as a (mostly blind) ironman POTD solo run.

Before that i intend to finish POE 1, i never killed the Archmages before, will use the Character (same race, stats and class (but with subclass)) in POE 2


I plan to invest my "PC playtime" the next few month (since i don't play most days) for my ultimate run(s)


Sir Dies A Lot 1 was born about a week ago, he died within 10 mins to the Caravanleader (forced fight stopped),

Sir Dies A Lot 2 was abandoned after killing the Caravan, to reroll with different stats...

Sir Dies A Lot 3 died to an Ooze, a crit oneshot... that made me abandon the "3 con" i was testing


Sir Dies A Lot 4 is going strong - entered Act 2

I didn't think he would make it as far with "4", it was quite painfull, i missplayed vs the wolves, tanking 3 instead of 1-2, i missplayed the crate quest, i missplayed vs the first Xaurip Priest (forgot he casts halt, was naked - hit and run with a bow)


2 endurance, 17 endurance and 8 endurance.




Now... i don't think anything should happen now that i have 3 Figurines, at least in act 2



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Making another go of it for Jan. 


Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter: Introduction (Attempt 2)
Game Version: - No DLC enabled
Difficulty: Hard
Settings: Maim Before Death: On; Injuries: On; Expert Mode: Off; Trial of Iron: On
Mods: None
Main Character Description: 
Jan is a philosopher from Ixamitl Plains, where he studied for many years, but grew tired of abstract ideas without connection to real embodied and lived experience. His training with arms was that of an armored foot soldier, and though inexperienced with combat, his skills have potential. He needed to spend less time in his head, and so, set out for something new. The call to come settle in the Dyrwood came at just the right time. 


Custom Party Members:
The core party will be 4 custom characters: Cipher, Ranger, Priest, Druid. I'm also rotating a spot for Eder and Aloth. 
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Sir Dies Alot 4 Died to one enemy, one DoT if i had simply dodged the spell...

Sir Dies Alot 5 got reroled after testing Forbidden Fist for a bit, i want high Resolve in PoE2

Sir Dies Alot 6 died in Caed Nua because i got perme CCd (wrong pathing)

Sir Dies Alot 7 Died to a lucky oneshot (Druid)

Sir Dies Alot 8 is going strong! Lvl 9 just now.


PS, killed Sly Cirdel for the lvl up, took 2 rests to kill the ranged enemies and the monk, took 20 mins to kill everyone else (thx to the Forest Troll blocking the enemies), after the lvl up i killed the next 2 bounties in in less then 10 mins combined...





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Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter: Act I & II


Act I was smooth sailing. I picked up the custom adventurers right away and moved through all the available quests in Gilded Vale. We brought along Eder for all of them. Having a druid has been a fun change of pace. Picking up the utility talents like Scion of Flame and Heart of the Storm feel immediately useful. No photos taken during Act I. I entered Defiance Bay with everyone level 4. We will hold off on Raedric until we gain another level for the team. Better safe than sorry, even on Hard. 


Act II we try a little bit more streamlined approach. I skip some quests in Ondra's Gift, as well as a few odds around town. We snag some of the easy ones first to level up to 5 for everyone, including starting the crucible knight quests. At level 5 we take a pause and go back to depose Raedric and snag a cash infusion. 








We jump back on Act II quests, heading to the catacombs fully rested and ready. 








We talk with the Records Keeper for Eder, making good use of our high resolve MC. We get the battlefield part of his quest out of the way, and swap him out for Aloth for most of the rest of Act II. We give him some heavier armor and a shield with lots of buff spells and he makes good use of the summoned staff. Hardened Veil keeps him happy in the middle of lots of enemies. 


We clear out Heritage Hill and the Sanitarium, completing his quest in the process. Out in Dyrford I try an experiment to see if a custom cipher can wipe Aelys during Blood Legacy. (the answer is no) We let her go. I'm not feeling quite cold enough to kill her right there. Somehow the idea of her murdering her abusive uncle seems fine to me. 


While in Dyrford, we settle some local issues, too. I manage to pull the whole spider cave at once and have a somewhat challenging fight that turns out to be quite fun. 








Our last work here is investigating Cliabin Rilag. For the first time in several playthroughs, I manage the spore room without triggering any traps. Having everyone equip a ranged weapon to take down the immobile spores works great. Huzzah!








Before we wrap up Act II, we head to Caed Nua and clear the first 6 or 7 levels of the Endless Paths with Kana in tow. We complete his quest and fight the Leaden Key operatives on level 1. Back in Defiance Bay we tell the Duke that Animancy should continue - if Dyrwood doesn't, someone else will. 


Current Party Builds

Our Wild Orlan Fighter Jan is maximizing DPS with a sword and shield. He's taken Weapon Focus and one other fighter talent to match, along with Weapon & Shield Style and Bear's Fortitude. 


Our Hearth Orlan Cipher Nath has Weapon Focus Noble and the Whip talents. He swaps between a rod/scepter and our best 1 handed Mace & Dagger. 


Our Hearth Orlan Ranger Kat has built her Boar Companion Java for maximum damage and resiliency. We also have taken Driving Flight. Persistance or Sagani's bow when we fight pierce immune enemies. She also has Weapon Focus. 


Our Nature Godlike Druid has Heart of the Storm and Scion of Flame, along with Bear's Fortitude and bonus 3rd level for more storms. So many fun spells to play around with. We took Sunbeam for our first mastered spell. 


Lastly, our Mountain Dwarf Priest Giulia has built out Inspiring and Aggrandizing Radiance and Painful Interdiction. We took Armor of Faith for our first Mastered Spell. 




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Tried potion of major recovery for a few fights just now, damn, thats one easy way to deal with everything (other than too much burst dmg and petrify, still thinking about those pesky adragans i have to face), i had a few close calls with Insect Plagues before, with the potion i can simply watch everything burn.


Sir Dies A Lot is lvl 13 now, i did a few quests in WM1, but i fear the permaCC too much, so i will lvl as much as possible before going back - i don't want to play the summon game i did with my naked chanter.





I thought they added a merchant at that spot (Anslog), i'd love some of the items - can someone tell me where i can find him?




Bounties are fun for chanters!




ok, if i had opened the fight with a figurine the run would have been over, potion of major recovery is epic

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Been a long time without update. I think I'm close to finalising the character I will take through to PoE2. Reached max level upon arriving at Hearthsong :D






I've done all of Acts 1 and 2, WM1 and the Endless Paths (including killing the Adra Dragon).






Still have Act 3, all of WM2, Concelhaut/Llengrath and high level bounties to do. This is on Hard rather than PotD but I'm getting close to a successful completionist playthrough. Well, still a lot to do but the game has been a breeze since level 9. I'm reaching the stage where I don't even bother buffing, just charge straight into the middle of the enemies and 15 seconds later they are all dead.






I prioritised defence of course, since Dragon Thrashed takes care of all damage. 141 FOR unbuffed :o. Damage ratio is around 12x, improved drastically since level 9 (was around 2x before).





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Jan, Wild Orlan Fighter: Act III & IV




Arriving in Twin Elms, we set to work doing chores for the gods. We complete all of the tasks, but pledge ourselves to Berath. Balance seems like the best move here, when dealing with thousands of souls and their futures. 


For Galawain, we side with the lion. Clever beats strong most days. 







We fight the Sky Dragon and it almost goes poorly when the dragon bugs out in the air via paralyze scroll. We can't target it with any attacks, but it's back on the ground stomping us. I figure out that AoE attacks will still hit it, even though no direct targeted attacks will. 







Before we make the leap down into Sun and Shadow, we head back to Caed Nua to finish the endless paths.







I remember that it's possible to talk Od Nua into letting you through without a fight. I figured I could get there without reading up on how to do that. I couldn't. We still prevailed. 







I'm not willing to risk this run on an optional and challenging boss like the Adra dragon. I still really want the treasure, though, so we make friends and I trick that poor dragon hunter. I specifically chose to not install any of the expansion content so that the weapons and armor from the base game would still feel meaningful. It feels great to get these and equip most of them. 


Onward to Sun and Shadow. You might notice that I did not go back to defeat undead Raedric. Let's just say I forgot about that, and I'm sorry Gilded Vale. 


Act IV

We have all hit level 12 by this point, and it feels satisfying for this core game content. 


Here's the team at 12.












Sun and Shadow poses little threat to the team, but I take it slow and enjoy each fight leading up to Thaos. 







For Thaos we prepare some scrolls of Maelstrom along with Prayer Against Confusion. We eat all of our expensive food, and leap in. Jan grabs the Judge and Eder, the Executioner, while our DPS whittles brings Thaos down, jumping to the Judge.  We switch and kill the Executioner first.  







We spread out as much as we can and bang on Thaos for a bit. Snowcaps keep us frosty. 







Finally we break through and he drops quickly. We send him and the souls to the wheel. 







Our next adventure awaits in the Deadfire!






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Well, I'm finally done :).


Act 3, all bounties, WM2, Concelhaut and Llengrath all done. Just Thaos to finish off.






Bit frustrating I've been stuck at level 16 all this time. Reckon I'd be around level 25 by now if the progression were not capped.






Nearly 500k damage done, and 32k damage taken :o






I have all the top equipment, over 500k gold, and enough crafting ingredients to last me a lifetime.






I've only just finished buffing and summoned Concelhaut; Thaos mk1 is already badly injured.






I'm pretty much untouchable with all these buffs running ;)






Bye bye Thaos.






I chose to restore the souls.






So that's a full completionist solo no-reload successfully finished, including both WMs and all bounties and quests. It was only on Hard rather than PotD but I'm still pleased to have completed it and to have a character to take through to PoE2.


I'm not quite done with PoE yet, I still have two things I want to do. The first is to do the same again on PotD and upscaled ;). The second is to do a full roleplay run with a party, acting as naturally as possible and creating a fulfilling story. Trouble is both of these runs would take a long time to complete, even longer than this one (which has taken me over a month in real elapsed time). So I may move on to PoE2 and then come back to PoE1 at a later date.

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Gloomy Face just finished his another completionist upscaled PoTD and my first Trial of Iron PoE/WM1/WM2 run. Each and every quest/task/bounty were resolved one way or another. The only exceptions are personal quests of Durance, Grieving Mother and Zahua. Once we hit level 9 there were very little obstacles which could hinder our steady stride. Most fights were won on per-encounter abilities/mastered spells: Gloomy Face (Tanglefoot, Autumn's Decay, Form of the Delemgan, Returning Storm), Xoti (Armor of Faith, Devotions for the Faithful, Dire Blessing, Holy Power), Aloth (Slicken, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, Infuse With Vital Essence, Ninagauth's Shadowflame).

After finishing remaining Act 2 tasks but just before moving to the hearings we've cleared the Endless Paths down to the Adra Dragon, finished remaining available bounties and completed upscaled WM1/WM2, were we befriended both Beregan's Flames-That-Whisper clan and Iron Flail (who in turn helped us in the Battle of Yenwood Field), killed Alpine Dragon (unintentionally - I had all the required stats to resolve this quest peacefully but seems just choose the wrong reply and had to improvise on the move), killed Concelhaut but striked a deal with Llengrath. The Crew hit level cap right upon entering Mowrghek Ien and the rest of the run it was mostly a RP choices to build a pre-history for the Deadfire (we poisoned Simoc and adopted Vela among other things). Adra Dragon was killed right before jumping down into the Breith Eaman and the only scary moments we experienced during Sserkal bounty when the whole Crew was disabled and took heavy raw damage and only thanks to Xoti, who once recovered applied Suppress Affliction, we emerged victorious. Thaos himself, even upscaled, doesn't accomplished much before falling dead and I erased his memories. All God's quests were completed (Sky Dragon was left alive) but I was torn between Berath's and Hylea's favors only. In the end I choose Hylea since Berath gained their part of souls anyway.

Some screenshots for the remainder of the run.

Forge Guardians:





Radiant Spore:















Battle of Yenwood Field (if I remember correctly, we hardly lost even one single unit there):





Alpine Dragon (as I've said, it was unintentional, but at least we fully upgraded Ryona's Breastplate for the first time):





Kraken (I choose to strike the crystal myself and escaped thanks to Iverra's Diving Helmet. Since I haven't finished the hearings and some other quests at the moment I wasn't able to convince the Eyeless to reforge Abydon, but a tempered version, where his memories are restored but given context beyond what he remembered at his death.):





Undead Raedric (Berath needs new Champion):





Sserkal bounty (Scary moment... One thing that helped us to survive is that their vicious Psychic Blast is not party friendly so they hurt quite a bit between themselves):





Adra Dragon (Xoti is a Beast Holy Warrior and Bane for Evil Ones. She claimed yet another boss' soul. Love her!):





Pre-Thaos Crew stats/inventories. Gloomy Face and Xoti suffered 0 Knockouts, Eder, Aloth and Sagani - 2 each, Pallegina - a whopping 6, though one was erroneously gained when the Death Ring trap was triggered in the hit of combat and she suffered 2 knockouts at once.

Gloomy Face:






























And finally Thaos:





Now Gloomy Face has graduated into the PoE2:Deadfire, where I made him Druid(Animist)/Ranger(Arcane Archer) with the same attributes and Wolf Companion Nymeria in a name and memory of Sagani, one of my most favorite characters, who doesn't feel satisfied back in the village and went missing in a blizzard in one of her hunts only because of me being unable to find right words of support when she needed them most... Eder has his faith in Eothas renewed, and he joined a secret Eothasian organization known as the Night Market. Pallegina had gone against the ducs bels' orders by inventing a new trade arrangement with the anamenfath to accommodate the recovering Dyrwoodan market. She was banished from the Republics and entered the ranks of the Kind Wayfarers. Aloth, armed with the knowledge and courage he had gained on his journeys with Gloomy Face, set out on the long and lonely task of dismantling the Leaden Key.





I'm going to run the same Crew in Deadfire on PoTD, completionist, upscaled (all), but not Trial of Iron this time since this will be mostly a blind run and game mechanics are quite different from the first PoE. I'm also going to continue the exploration of Deadfire Archipelago if I'll fail on the first try, but until then


to be continued...

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3 minutes ago, Ivanfyodorovich said:

Congrats Serg! What an accomplishment! Glad to see you already moving forward with Deadfire. If you want to talk mechanics at all, I'm game. I've been collecting various tidbits from the forums, wiki, etc. 

Thanks! Yeah, I'm browsing and study all those forums/wiki too. And my current first steps in Deadfire already revealed that it's quite different from what it was upon release, when I first tried it. And PotD there now is a true challenge compared to how is was beforehand or in the first PoE.

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He's talking solo ultimate (solo, potd, toi).

Only problem is most people that get it will just be cheating (quitting just before character dies etc).

Great concept but no real way of governing it. I'll definitely give that challenge a crack (can't help myself) but I'm probably a year to 18 months away from picking up sufficient PoE2 experience to try it. 

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It also turns on all the god challenges which might be something you don't want to do if you just seek for a "no reload" challenge. That can easily be achieved with the option "Trial of Iron" whch is basically "no reload".

You also can't quit the Ultimate if you want to get the patch (first 50) or be on the plaque (first 12) because Obsidian requests proof in form of video footage besides the savegame. If you don't show how you leave the game properly and how you resume the playthrough you'll get disqualified. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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