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  1. the moment enfeebled runs out you can apply it again, its a new +50%, so - if you could get enfeebled to just a few secs duration you can stack duration fast +50% every use...
  2. Rathun are fire Immune, so no use for Brand enemy. I didn't find many enemies that survived Gouging Strike, Rathun i did single pull and simply killed them one at a time (for the bounty) one at a time they are pathetic weak even with 3 red skulls and bad equipement, Red Hand burst) Torkar, i don't remember, its an easy enough encounter if you don't mind kiting - but sure, brand enemy would make it really easy. I had one character that used Brand Enemy, he was quite tanky (large shield), the 0,4 sec cast time was enough to get enemies to hit a few times with CC if i tried
  3. brilliant departure breaks from damage - so you can do quite some things with it, you can CC enemies while stealth (if you had charm/dominate spells you could have quite some fun) If you get invis from different sources (is it possible to get shadowing beyond from priests?) it would break on spellcast.
  4. But who needs Brand Enemy if he has Gouging strike? With Watershapers Focus you can get it on quite some enemies with one use of it. Assassin/Casters+1 Blunderbuss... i rather use Red Hand and Watershapers Focus with Assassin, 2 attacks before reloading is nice to burst. Never tried Blunderbusses, maybe Thunderous Report is something? Else i just don't see anything i want from Blunderbusses... I'd rather use ranger than paladin, however i play in a way that i don't fight straight up, i "assassinate" enemies and reset the fight - paladin isn't that usefull for it, driving
  5. damn useless party! I knew why i play solo... (and why i love perma invis and plan on using a (almost) perma invis cipher in one run) And now its time to test community patch+balance patch Bellower - do you know how many buffs my playstyle got in those "patches?" Its ridiculous! Who needs any exploits if he can install a balance patch and get everything (i normally use) buffed harharhar
  6. why would the wizard cast invis if he has a party to defend him while he decimates his enemies in a heartbeat? Its not the wizards job to stay alive, its the wizards job to kill every enemy before the melees can engage!
  7. The sigil megaboss is... never a consideration for me, every single lvl 20 character of mine had no problem with him (okay, my assassin/psion had a little problem with the timing when to kill a sigil, since i did it too early, not lvl 20 and no consumables but a few potions) most of the time it was "go in, use perma dots on the sigils (my FF could have just used FF until one of them is dead - ignoring the 2 bodyguards and the invulnerability, the encounter is a joke to him), kill the 2 Bodyguards, attack the sigils while reading, kill the boss, profit" as long as you have high sustain the
  8. Brilliant Departure is better in solo runs i'd say... is there an enemy you can steal it from? In Party... do you really need invis for SC mage?
  9. while i prefer not playing with SoF and perma brilliant - the reason is: if i play a full playthrough with it i can delete the game, i will never have fun in it again. Nothing compares to perma blade cascade in damage - but i really want to appreciate a bellower casting empowered eld nary every fight, or killing stuff slowly while tanking them - i would never be able to do that if i ran through the game on godmode (why i know that? because thats what happened to other good games for me) But i can appreciate a good cheese. And this can be used in a fun run (same as concelhaut's drai
  10. SC Bloodmage, the ultimate MC Caster - pick one class, get 2 class spell lists for free!
  11. with community patch sure, without... i just don't see it - okay, FF for enfeebled, but it sounds like the wound/focus generation suffers.
  12. Every class is usable, in a party some are better than others, in solo some are better than others... I never play party so i can't say anything about it - in solo ciphers have some of the best tools in the game to get things done. Charming is amazing, borrowed instincts is amazing - Disintegration is the easiest way to defeat one of the megabosses - build right they are amazing. Build wrong they don't do anything, a Psion that gets hit all the time can't cast anything, an Ascendant that doesn't autto attack gets no focus (okay, with one shot abilities...)... I love ciphe
  13. Since you want a hate comment: how dare you use drugs on FFs? That’s the wrong thing, FFs are about self cursing! Drugs are for the other Order - delete your character! You are banished from the FFs!!!
  14. I knew i should have rolled a SC FF… +10 ACC wounds, +8 ACC (i think) because of better Fists (bigger difference without potion), +3 ACC because of Powerlevel… damn it! In some Megabossfights i swapped abilities to get better dmg output… +5 ACC +10 int instead of 10 con and +2,5 armor… i could have had so much more instead (and in big fights? You run too much to get the full armor anyway)… Now i have to install POE2 on my 13 inch Windows Tablet to roll my next run character… damn it
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