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  1. If you are on a no rest strategy "rest to lose the bug" is a "start a new run" answer In my opinion its unfortunately, but if a run with such a bug qualified, it would be stupid to check the replay.
  2. As Helwalker/priest you could trigger Brilliant with Robes of the Weyc too, no need to wait for 1% Chance.
  3. I looked a little bit into FF... and the ability doesn't even stack resonant touch... so a SC FF looks like a bad Megaboss killer... i have no clue how to kill Huani O Whe with FF - was thinking about FF+Paladin, unkillable... but after looking into Abydons Challenge shields don't look like fun and i lost all motivation to even think about killing huani with him. Herald it is for me i think, summons for life - summons POE 1, summons POE 2! Summons everywhere!
  4. with 30 resolve, lone wolf, 20 dex, 20 int, lvl 1 (PL1) no armor, i wasn't able to stack the curse, the duration was too short. with any "i want to use FF" build, you should never have to spend wounds to use FF (maybe there are offensive ways to use FF, with low resolve and stacking FF as high as possible but i really don't see how it would be worth it) If you build your character around it, FF heals you and you get a wound, its your spam button you use without thinking. And if the curse lasts too long? Don't spend the wound, the dmg you take is too high.
  5. lvl 18 Multiclass my monk/paladin has 11 pen with normal fists (7+4 suffering) while FF has 14,3 (9 start +4 suffering +1,3 powerlvl) Started a devoted FF... 10 pen normal fists, 10 pen FF... doesn't stack As for dmg, my normal fists deal 29-39, FF deals 36-49 -both with 24 might And... i only get 10 dmg per FF use at the moment - that's +20 hp per FF use, quite nice xD
  6. I am playing a FF/Paladin at the moment, she is a pure tank - easiest (but longest) solo ironman run of my life You want to get to the point where you get damaged 2 times (<3sec curse) and heal more than the 2 dmg ticks with one expire - Dawnstar blessing, Voidward, Forgetful Night or Glazed Chops helps quite a bit. If you stack the Curse... you will die, its simply not worth it, at all. High might should make the goal harder to achieve but its quite nice to max healing. High defenses are not necessary, with enough resolve and -hostile duration they can hit you wit
  7. Tried potion of major recovery for a few fights just now, damn, thats one easy way to deal with everything (other than too much burst dmg and petrify, still thinking about those pesky adragans i have to face), i had a few close calls with Insect Plagues before, with the potion i can simply watch everything burn. Sir Dies A Lot is lvl 13 now, i did a few quests in WM1, but i fear the permaCC too much, so i will lvl as much as possible before going back - i don't want to play the summon game i did with my naked chanter. I thought they added a merchant at that spot (Anslog), i'd l
  8. Sir Dies Alot 4 Died to one enemy, one DoT if i had simply dodged the spell... Sir Dies Alot 5 got reroled after testing Forbidden Fist for a bit, i want high Resolve in PoE2 Sir Dies Alot 6 died in Caed Nua because i got perme CCd (wrong pathing) Sir Dies Alot 7 Died to a lucky oneshot (Druid) Sir Dies Alot 8 is going strong! Lvl 9 just now. PS, killed Sly Cirdel for the lvl up, took 2 rests to kill the ranged enemies and the monk, took 20 mins to kill everyone else (thx to the Forest Troll blocking the enemies), after the lvl up i killed the next 2 bounties in in less then 10 mins co
  9. There is a different approach you can use too, a belt with -27% dmg for crits, that together with Shod-In-Faith is enough for easy fights, sure, they crit you all the time, but who cares if the dmg isn't that high...
  10. Well... I am almost ready for my first POE2 Playthrough, i played a bit before but lvl 10 or something max I want to play it as a (mostly blind) ironman POTD solo run. Before that i intend to finish POE 1, i never killed the Archmages before, will use the Character (same race, stats and class (but with subclass)) in POE 2 I plan to invest my "PC playtime" the next few month (since i don't play most days) for my ultimate run(s) Sir Dies A Lot 1 was born about a week ago, he died within 10 mins to the Caravanleader (forced fight stopped), Sir Dies A Lot 2 was abandoned after killing
  11. before lvl 9 i'd go with max might, max dex, max int, 15 per. 3 res. 3 con.... nothing beats kiting+summoning+white worms in act 2, its stupid Gernisc Slew the Beast, but Soon Faced Its Kin can kill the bounties, White Worms can kill Heritage Hill without spending hours to do it, the Spider/bear Cave with a planned White Worms area is almost too easy and too fast. I did it so many times i cant count it, i played a real TCS run vanilla game and a real blind ToI PoTD add on run (had to restart for every enemy that has stunlocks at least 1-2 times) After one naked Chanter PoTD
  12. The no Pause Mode without AI is really stupid, i just tried a 3 con helwalker/devoted (tcs everything active) and died to a young boar because i missed him 3 times with the mouse, no pause no AI is just... not a mode i would ever try.
  13. If Devoted worked with Shifter... i'd have my character (with Chanter banned)... Shifter+Paladin looked like fun, but i only did a few quests in neketaka with it (and with items, but mostly used one spell before shifting, it was before items worked while shifting)
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